Saturday, June 7, 2014

What Vladimir Putin Doesn't Know.................

            As an intelligent man, I know that I have my limits. I do not know everything. I look deep into the eyes and hearts of people and I see what they are capable of. We all are capable of causing the mass murder of others, if only we had gullible people doing our work for us.
             The difference between Vladimir Putin and myself is that I strangely enough only want what is good for the society of the world. I benefit as a result of the stability. There is no profit in instability, ask any gambler that plays the stock market. Losing is addictive. That is why some people that oppose me keep coming back for more. They are addicted to defeat and blaming others.
              You say, Mr. Winkle, you developed The Time Exchange: A Non- Monetary Economic System, which kinda, sorta, looks like a macrocosm of communism. Well, yes and no. People would not have jobs assigned to them. The work load would be tolerable. The benefits to society would be great. The stress of instability would be mostly lifted from the world.
               Unstable people create instability. Vladimir Putin is an unstable person, who being rejected by his now ex-wife is seeking the attention of the world. He is trying to play the puppet master, but he himself is a puppet. The events that are playing out in Ukraine have been foretold for thousands of years. The old Russian republic is crumbling before his feet. Putin is no longer in charge of his own fate. When the Russian economy collapses as the European Union walks away from oil and gas, the wild cat will strike out at the world and it will be declawed.
               Its army and even its special forces are underpaid. The economic downfall of Russia, China, North Korea, England, the United States, Canada, Mexico, and many others will come soon enough. None will be king over one another. It the end, no one will be equal, but their equality will be much closer than it is today.
               Just as Greece stood at the edge of the financial cliff two years ago, everyone and every nation must lay down its differences and pull together to create a world where peace and charity reign over lust and greed. Those in power will lose their authority over their own lives.
               Take heed. These are my words of stern warning. The fabric of time is opening beneath us. Our world stands on the precipice and totters ever so slightly on a pebble of faith, faith that we can work together to save the collective whole of all of us- from ourselves. Do we work together, or do we stuff our faces while others pay the price for our existence? Deep isn't it?

                The future stands still and watches for no man - I have seen what could be, and so have you. So have men like Vladimir Putin. Thousands of people have already died as a result of brainwashing of the soviet regime. Is it not time to set your countrymen free Vladimir? You could have been a great man, instead of being a pawn being moved this way and that.
                You can either stand with the world or against the world, Vladimir, the walls are closing in. The choice is your's. You stand at the gates of hell looking in.... what do you see?
                Those of you reading this, share it with someone. This world is changing so fast that in the next forty years, war will be the least of our worries. If we cannot work together, we all are doomed as well as our human race. We will not live to see the coming of the new age, but we can prepare the way to a better future for the children of the world. We can at least do that.
                What do you say?

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