Thursday, June 26, 2014

What My Third Grade Students Taught Me In A Week of Summer School

What My Third Grade Students Taught Me In A Week of Summer School
by Mark Winkle

I was recently a Teaching Assistant at a summer school enrichment program at Trotwood Madison Middle School in Trotwood, Ohio. 
Looking back on my first week, here is what seventeen young children taught me, and what I tried to teach them as well :

What I tried to teach them, and What they taught me:

A teacher does not have to yell to be heard and respected.
Everyone loves to be called by their name, even when they are being bad.
Everyone wants to know if “they got it right” or not.
Everyone has a bad day, but tomorrow can be different.
Learning is not always fun, but it should be.
It does not matter what color or gender you are, everyone belongs.
Kids are smarter that we give them credit for and even smarter than they give themselves
credit for being.
If you follow the rules, you might get to do what you wanted to do
Everyone is responsible for each other's actions.
We are not happy when others are bad and everyone is made to suffer as a result.
Making someone feel appreciated “just for being there” is a great feeling.
You have to share to get the most out of anything.
Everyone has rules to follow.
Even adults have bullies to be concerned about.
Enjoying the rewards of sitting in the teacher's chair is a good feeling.
It's the little things that make learning and teaching rewarding.
Everyone has something that they are embarrassed to talk about.
Being a line leader does not always mean I did everything right. It means I tried hard to.
We all deserve to go on field trips every now and then.
If I pay attention, I can learn a lot in a little amount of time.
Everyone deserves a second, third, and even fourth chance. We all make bad choices.
And finally, There are no bad students.There are only students who need to be cared 
for and taught how to appropriately channel their emotions. 

See, I was paying attention! 
I miss my students! I can' t wait to get teach again! 
Thank you my Third Grade students at Trotwood Madison Middle School. I will always remember what you taught me. 
See why I love teaching so much? Want to hire me?

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