Friday, June 27, 2014

Poroshenko Signs European Union Trade Pact- Now, Let's Get Crimea Back!

             President Poroshenko, newly elected as the president of Ukraine recently owes me a lot of chocolate! I expect him to keep our agreement. I showed him the way to a peaceful separation from Russia. Unfortunately, Vladimir Putin was not so agreeable. Hundreds have died. A nuclear war between Russia and the United States could have happened as a result of another Putin temper tantrum.
             It will take decades for the fallout of Putin's illegal seizure of Crimea to die down. Such international crimes bring back memories of the 1930's forced marches of Crimeans into Russia. Ironically, their progeny became so use to the economic enslavement of Communism that they want to live under communism in Crimea. Instead, I suggest that the borders be opened for thirty days and that any Crimean resident that desires to leave, will be permitted to transfer title to their lands and other assets to a Ukrainian citizen (having forfeited their right to be called Ukrainian) and then they would receive free housing and support for one year at the expense of Russia. This is only fair.
             In exchange, those who remain agree to be under Ukrainian law and subject to the rewards and penalties that only citizens of Ukraine can enjoy. Crimea would be turned over to Ukraine on August 1, 2014 as part of a unilateral peace agreement that incorporates the above terms. Russia agrees to withdraw all troops, advisers, naval vessels, and all other military and non-military personnel, soldiers, agents, and conspirators against Ukraine no later than August 1, 2014.
             A ceasefire shall continue while negotiations proceed.

            As for Ukraine joining the European Union, CONGRATULATIONS and WELCOME to my world!

            You will find that the European are a somewhat slow people. They are well meaning however, but slow to act on anything including their own rescue. They are to be trusted as far as you can throw them. Remember John Nash's Game Theory,   WE ALL WIN WHEN WE WORK TOGETHER FOR THE BENEFIT OF EVERYONE.

Now, it goes to say that we all don't benefit to the same extent, but we all come close to getting what we need.

Soon all of the former Europe will become the  United European Union - Winklevania- so to speak. It's tough being a proud father of a new country.

If we could only get the ECB to share monetary powers with the European Treasury instead of trying to replicate the fiasco of the United States Federal Reserve which has ruined our economy over her as a result of bankers, brokers, and insurance company greed. Their end is coming sooner than they think.

Anyway, Congratulations Ukraine! You finally joined the European Union. Yippeeeeee! Hurray!  and Hallelujah!

Mr. Poroshenko, you can distribute that chocolate that your Roshen Chocolate company owes me in cash to your fallen soldiers and their families. I think they deserve it more than I do. They are the heroes, not me.

A case would be nice though. Send it to 713 Cedar Drive Apt. 19; Fairborn, Ohio 45324 by UPS or FEDEX. If you send more than that I will donate it to my local food pantries.

Mark Winkle, Founder
The Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability

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