Monday, June 23, 2014

Bringing the World Into the 21st Century is a Tough Job For One Person

As I write these posts, I have learned a lot. I have mostly learned that there is more that I do not know, than what I do know. I am someone that is forward looking. I make projections that are well taken, are carefully followed with great success, and have cost me much financially. My opinions are not always popular.
              As I write this, I have been denied my constitutional rights by yet another corrupt federal magistrate of the sixth circuit court circuit. This case too, will be appealed to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. It appears that in the United States, you can only obtain justice if you can afford an attorney, and that attorney bribes the judge or the judge's clerk. This has been my personal experience in both the Dayton, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio district courts.
              It is time for the justice system in the United States and around the world to remove these decisions from corrupt political judges and magistrates hands. What I am advocating is an electronic justice system that would contain an electronic database of all previous court rulings on every topic. There would be no jury necessary. The judgment of the electronic system would be appealable only in the event of a system glitch.
              Each witness would state their version of the events, no one would be immune, no city, no state, no country, no government official, no judge, no prosecutor- all would be held accountable for their actions or inactions against another person or another person's property.
              Those who violate the human right of others, such as the citizens of India, China, Russia, and other countries would be held accountable.  

 The Natural Human Rights of a 21st Century Human Being

Each person would be judged as an equal individual, endowed with natural human rights of freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of the pursuit of happiness, freedom of religion, freedom to pursue any career of their choosing, freedom to obtain gainful employment, freedom to pursue loving relationships with other human beings, freedom to obtain an education of their choosing, and freedom to do all of these things without the interference of others or their governments. 

             These are the rights of a 21st Century Human Being. It is time that every citizen of every country of the world recognize these basic natural human rights and overthrow the corruption in our collective societies around the world- by force if necessary. You can begin with the United States District Courts in Ohio.

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