Friday, May 9, 2014

War Criminal Putin Returns to the Scene of His Crimes

              While the wimpy generals at NATO Headquarters hide behind rhetoric, the people of Crimea's Human Rights are being violated daily by Russia and the WAR CRIMINAL VLADIMIR PUTIN.
              Putin visited Crimea today and it would have been a good opportunity for the CIA, or the European Union to remove this blight of a human being from the earth. But, our CIA only kills American citizens lately. Our military commander only orders drone strikes against unarmed people, and you can forget about the European Union doing anything of substance, as they are too tied to Russian gas and oil to move.
              Add into the mix, the ever useless Angela Merkel of Germany and you have a recipe for long term human rights violations.
               If I was the President of the United States I would have issued Dead Bank Letters to every one of Moscow's banks by now and crushed Russia's economy flat. The pressure would have been escalated to their energy and manufacturing sectors by calling in all loans owed by any Russian company to United States banks.
              Negotiations have stalled in Ukraine. NATO stands still masturbating itself, as done our useless Obama here in the United States. Eastern Ukraine is poised to begin a civil war, and we sit on our hands picking our noses instead of helping Ukraine.
             Remember back in the 1860's when England interfered in the sovereignty of the United States and backed the southern slave states in the Civil War? Well, Russia is doing the same thing in Ukraine! It is holding a bidding war on "who still wants to be a communist?"
            Even Putin has lost control over the suicidal terrorist groups of Eastern Ukraine.

Well NATO, this is a bell-weather event. How you handle Russia now will either remove a bully nation or make it easier for Russia to invade other countries. Putin has no intentions of stopping at Ukraine.

THis is where real men step forward and pussies go home. Do you hear me? The world is watching!

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