Monday, April 28, 2014

You Call That a Sanction? HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT!, says Putin.

 Obama, You Sanction Like a Girl!

I was amazed and disappointed at the lackluster sanctions that came out of the mouth of our gray (not black/not white) president. A school teacher could have done a better job at sanctioning their students. Take some LEGO parts away from Russia's military contractor's Yeah! That'll make 'em think twice about invading Ukraine.  Seriously? When did the United States president get so weak willed?

Of course we want to tread lightly. You never know what spoiled child Putin will do. He might throw his food on the floor! He might bang his head on the wall repeatedly. Where are the DEAD BANK LETTERS?
Where is some kind of end game strategy of NATO, the United States, and the European Union?

Oh, my God! What a bunch of weak willed nillies, wimps, and sissies we have running the world today. We let a madman run around on three different borders raping, burning, and pillaging poor villages in the Central African Republic, God's Army my ass. Isn't it about time that Obama started taking some advice from George Bush Jr. , the king of wimps? I mean, at least he got to stand on a battleship. All we get to do is play the game, and it's not all that much fun anyway.

Let me explain Putin's strategy: He sees the disarray of NATO, the European Union, and the United States government. If you want to conquer a common enema (pun intended), you have to work together to beat them. Unfortunately, the stupid unanimous rule of the European Union, which I advised should be abandoned as unworkable, is keeping the European Union from doing their part in putting in place tough immediate sanctions.

I can only imagine that one or more EU representatives only wanted to throw marshmallows (stale, of course) at Putin's picture) but you couldn't hit him in the face or below the belt. If you are going to go to war, you need to get tough. You need to sacrifice your posh lifestyles and set your face into the shite that is coming.

I can see Putin laughing all the way from my desk here in Ohio, United States. What an embarassment Barack Obama is and has been as a president. The Council on Foreign Relations sure f''ed this one up when they elected him as president. Sure, he can order a drone strike of an American thousands of miles away one day, and his innocent son the next day, but he is no commander in chief (neither was George Bush Jr.).

Obama sent 600 troops into Poland, etc. last week. It should have been 6,000. There will be no diplomatic solution to this quandry. Maybe you could get Russians to throw Jello at him (with whipped cream, of course). After all, we wouldn't want to upset Putin. He might cry and throw his rattle at us.

The same pathetic response was given to Hitler's troops when he invaded Poland. England sat by and said, "At least it's not us! He wouldn't dare cross our borders." We see how well that turned out. Putin is just a smaller version of Adolph Hitler with a worse hair cut, who looks like he just ate bad fish and has gas.

Where are the NATO troops? Where is the armed insurrection in Ukraine? Why is Russia still in control of Crimea?

You want to see how screwed up Russia is? Take a look at the cluster fork in Crimea. You are number 38,987 in line to receive your passport, don't even think about getting in line to get a driver's license! Wanna kill someone? We'll try you in around twenty years when we figure out who is in charge. As usual, Russians screw up everything they touch.

Well, world peace, it was a nice thought, but a megalomaniac name Vladimir Putin has hemorrhoids and now we are on the brink of war. Maybe we should vet our politicians by how well they fight, instead of how much money they have.

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