Monday, April 28, 2014

So You Really Want Economic Recovery Do You? Well, Here it is! I Challenge the World to Come Up With a Better Idea!

As I see it from my desk here in Ohio, which is as close to you as the nose on your face, having pushed most of the world into austerity, and now pulling you out of it kicking and screaming like spoiled children who I just took their lollipop away from them:


There was a mechanism in times of old, going back thousands of years that washed the hands of criminals and well doers alike. Now, hear me out before you get your knickers in a wad. This was controversial even then. It worked thousands of times before Rome (ancient) refused to cooperate. As a result of a few politicians, the world's economy collapsed. Just like it did in 1982, 1986, and on up to now. Now, debt repayment is a good thing. Austerity is its formal economic term. What we need to do now is create a stimulus that will continue until the politicians and bankers f' it up for everyone again, and they will... greed has a way of doing that.

There are two Solutions really, one I have already given to you and you have set it aside, not wanting to give up your ill gotten gains that you bought with the sweat of others. Either solution will have a cleansing effect that will be long lasting on the economies of the world.

The first solution you know by the name; THE TIME EXCHANGE: A NON-MONETARY ECONOMIC SYSTEM

If you want a copy of it- go to The Winkle Institute on and copy it for free.

I Will Not Repeat it Here.

The SECOND SOLUTION is shorter term, but will provide a lead in to Solution number one. The water is fine- Come On In!

The International Monetary Fund, the United Nations Economic Council, and many other think tanks can back me up on this: the number one reason for the world's current and long term economic demise is debt. I'll say it again- debt.

Now, if a UN Resolution and an International Treaty were signed by two thirds of the world's Finance Ministers which forgave the debt of their citizens and governments (not commercial debt, mind you), but, I know you will want to throw that in too, so, if all debt backed by intangible assets, (Cars, truck, buildings, machinery, real estate, and other touchable assets  would  be excluded) that was owed on January 1, 2014 was eliminated, (easily done, as we have a psychological fiat currency worldwide anyway) we could relieve ourselves of so much pain, suffering, and frustration in the future.

We live in a world where debt is only a figment of our collective imagination.
We live in a world where wealth is psychological. (Those who acquire crap are actually worse off).
We live in a world where the is a great imbalance of morality which has been exchanged for fabricated wealth.
We live in a world where appearances mean nothing.
We live in a world where life, love, happiness, joy, truth, and friendship are being set aside to obtain the appearance of being better off than we are.

Flush the credit card debt, the student loans, the tax bills, the electric bill, the .... (fill in the blank).

Then, adopt new financial rules that permit a maximum of 15% interest for extremely bad credit. Reinstate bankruptcy debt forgiveness.

Go to a 30 hour work week, keeping pay and benefits where they are.
Make education free. Provide professors and college employees with housing, clothing allowances, transportation (electric cars), food allowance, remove tenure, and unions.

Pare down national governments to only what is necessary. Many governments like the United States waste their citizens' money by employing needless slackers and paper pushers.

Remove Oil, natural gas, coal and other energy sources from the commodities trading boards. These should not be commodities that are speculative.  The artificial future prices create a self-fulfilling prophecy which has tied the hands of economic growth.

Reduce government employee travel to less than one hundred miles, including the capitals. There is nothing so important that wasting your citizen's hard earned money on is worth it. Use the internet or telephone conference call. Spending millions of taxpayer dollars to go out for dinner at the expense of your countrymen is treasonous behavior.

I dare any economist worldwide to come up with a better idea.

In fact, I Challenge the world to come up with a better idea. If you do, and it works, I will work for you for free for 90 days giving you my best advice.

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