Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Obamacare is an Economic Failure- Enrollment Numbers Falsified

                    The best word to describe the Obama administrations is OPAQUE. Maybe this is because the White House is looking at the world through rose colored glasses. Finally, after nearly a month, NATO is getting off its rear end and sending advisors to Ukraine. It took a week of badgering to get the Obama administration of the pot. As my mother used to say, "You need to shit or get off the pot."
                     The new Federal Reserve chief still has no clue as to how to fix the economic collapse of the United States. (Yes, I know, the Fed is not part of the US Government), but it is controlled by the same non-government body.
                      The most recent Obamacare numbers have been falsified. Out of 49 million people (the maximum number of people not having healthcare insurance (including myself) only less than 7 million signed up. As the price supports are reduced in the upcoming years, insurance will become more expensive to purchase. Most of the plans are an 80/20 plan that covers things that most people do not want and do not need. Obamacare is a complete economic failure.
                        What has happened throughout the United States is that the hours of employees have been cut by their greedy employers so they are no longer required to pay for that employee's healthcare. On the other hand, millions more have lost their jobs as a result of downsizing caused by Obamacare. The employers' mandate has caused many employers to cut the number of their employees in order for their company to be under the maximum number to where they were not required to provide insurance for their employees. Those employees were then thrown off of the company's insurance plan and out onto the street. The minimum insurance plan costs $3,000 per year for a person living in poverty with little or no income.
                         In most states, unless you have children under the age of 18 years old, you do not qualify for Medicaid Insurance. As a result, millions could not afford healthcare insurance and will be penalized for being poor. Is this justice? While this is an economic boost to the rich who own stock, the average citizen of the United States is now $3-8,000 or more poorer than they were before Obama took office. Any socialist country can tell you that imposed National Healthcare does not work.
                         In Canada, a doctor only takes so many patients a month. Dying? Take a number! Need a transplant? Take a number?  This colossal failure of the Economy of the United States is sealed with Obamacare. The economics of the middle class families will continue to decline. The economy is stagnant right now. It is not growing as the White House is saying. The middle class economy is shrinking more every year. Jobs are getting more scarce. Good paying jobs are even more scarce that ever before. Salaries are flattening out for the majority of citizens around the world. Even I, a highly qualified consultant that has advised 34 countries am having trouble meeting my obligations as a result of the continuing failure of those countries to compensate me in kind for my expert advice. As a result, if I am not under contract and compensated by one or more clients by April 30, 2014, I will cease providing advice to the world entirely.
My next post will be on Tumblr where it is not censored by the CIA or others government like Germany (who blocked my You Tube videos on a Proposed European Union Constitution).

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