Sunday, March 2, 2014

War Criminal Vladimir Putin and His War Criminal Troops

            Well, crazy Vladimir has went and done it again. He has taken over a small part of Ukraine saying that the Ukrainian citizens that Russia no longer wanted several years ago, are now Russian citizens. Just because someone speaks a particular language does not make them a citizen of that country. This is pure megalomania. There is not even one bit of rationale behavior to Putin's latest kidnapping of nearly 2 million people and interfering in the sovereignty of a nation.
             Where is the European Union? Where is NATO? Why is there no protection from the United Nations for the new Ukraine?" Who does Ukraine have to bribe in Washington to get our useless president to take action to protect Ukraine from Russia?
              I hereby declare that Vladimir Putin is a war criminal. He has taken a part of another country by force. Why is there nothing being done inside Russia to remove this monster from power? If I was Russian, I would be ashamed that Putin was the leader of my country. I could see renegotiating the Black Sea Fleet's lease, or providing transportation to Russia for those who want to leave, but this is where Adolph Hitler started.
             Once again, our wimp of a president (like Bill Clinton) sits on his hands and is afraid to defend the rights, liberties, and freedoms of a country from a tyrant, a school yard bully. When George Bush Jr. and the CIA bombed the World Trade Center  (we all know they did) as an excuse to remove Saddam Hussein from power. George Bush Jr. was cleaning up the mess that his humiliated father left several years before. What lesson did we learn from the first Iraq War- nothing? This is what I learned- you cannot leave a tyrant in power. You cannot let a bully keep on subjecting others to their whims.
             Had George Bush Sr. marched into Iraq against UN directives (as if the United States ever follows those anyway) there would have been no need for the United States to kill its own citizens at the World Trade Center to make up an excuse to invade Iraq again. There would have been no killing of innocent civilians. There would be no civil war. There would be a great deal more peace in the Middle East if George Bush Sr. could have found his balls and took out Saddam Hussein once and for all.
             The United States has had a long line of weak kneed Democratic Presidents over the past forty years. The last Democratic president that had any stones was John F. Kennedy. He stood up to Russia and told them to move their missiles out of Cuba. Obama sits on his hands and has a 90 minute conversation with the number one tyrant and human rights abuser in the world next to Kim Jong Il Jr.
              Was Putin protecting Russian citizens or just throwing a tantrum because he lost Ukraine to the European Union. The real question that must be asked is "What is the UN, the European Union, NATO, the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries going to do about this out of hand bully? Are you going to allow him to bully a country that wants nothing to do with Autocratic Communism? Are you going to allow this tyrant to impose his will on 46 million free citizens? Are you going to allow him to continue to invade whatever country irritates this mentally disturbed war criminal? Or are you going to take a stand?
              Talking to him on the phone will not give these Ukrainians their freedom. The only thing that this bully understands is force. It is time for the world to stand up and be counted on this issue. It is time for Vladimir Putin to retire from political life one way or another. The world is tired of bullies. The world is tired of wimpy leaders as well.It is time for Russia to move it Black Sea Fleet out of Ukraine's sovereign territory and for the United States, the United Nations, NATO, and the European Union to stand up for what is right and not back down.
                History is repeating itself..... Putin is just another Hitler in disguise.

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