Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vladimir Putin- War Criminal

            In violation of international law, Vladimir Putin, the crazy man of Russia has opted to have his country isolated from the rest of the world. He has illegally coordinated the secession of part of a sovereign state. He has orchestrated the take over of part of Ukraine as part of a temper tantrum. His actions are criminal, and recently caused the death of a Ukrainian soldier. Thus, his assets around the world, as well as the assets and payments due Russia should be frozen until he steps down from office and surrenders himself to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands.
             He has begun a civil war by corrupting the former president of Ukraine Mr. Yanukovych to defraud the citizens of Ukraine their rights and freedoms under international law. He has prohibited the citizens of Russia from free speech and violated the rights of hundreds of thousands of Russians as well. He has caused the fabrication of  election results in Crimea and in election in Russia.
              Sanctions against the businesses of Russia and Russia itself should be swift, deep, and ongoing until Putin resigns office or is assassinated by his own countrymen.Vladimir Putin is an obstruction to peace throughout the world as a result of his own megalomania, a mental disorder brought on by Syphilis. Megalomania: A delusional state where a person believes that they are superior to others. They may believe themselves to be a god, a famous person or a gifted athlete. They may feel they have great social, political or other powers. It is generally considered a symptom of other manic or paranoid disorders. Adolph Hitler suffered from depression and megalomania. This description definitely fits Putin. His delusions of recreating the former USSR and its tyranny clearly demonstrates how little power he really has.
               As I have said before, the EU, the United States, NATO countries as well as the international community of the United Nations members needs to ostracize Russia as they have other criminal countries governed by war criminals and issue travel restrictions from Russia by Russian citizens around the world. I would freeze the assets of the government leaders of Crimea and not allow any transaction by them to be processed via the international banking systems including Western Union and other money order companies,. I would place UN troops at the geographic edge of Crimea to insure that no Russia soldier crossed into Ukraine by any means. I would close all Russian embassies around the world and remove diplomatic immunity from embassy employees. I would freeze the assets of Russian companies around the world.
                What is needed is a strong response, not this penny ante crap that Obama, NATO, and the EU have done so far. Putin needs to be shown that the world stands against the tyranny of Vladimir Putin and that it will no longer tolerate his presidency of Russia. All trade agreement with Russia should be suspended immediately. It is time for a strong united response from the rest of the world to Putin's childish actions.

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