Thursday, March 13, 2014

Time For Second Round of Sanctions Against Russia, Time for NATO to make Ukraine a Member and Hold Areticles 4 and 5 Meeting

                I know that all of the diplomats are afraid of getting into a war with Russia, but this bully must be put down once and for all. The European Union must be actively seeking new sources of energy to replace Russia oil and natural gas.
                NATO must move troops into Ukraine and stop pussy footing around about it. This is the time for strong men to step forward and for diplomats to have their last round of talks before the illegal vote of Crimea to secede from sovereign Ukraine. It is time for every nation to stand up against Vladimir Putin and see him for the rude, impotent, bully that he is. If I was on the European Union Legislature, I would be calling for deep sanctions against Russia. Travel suspensions, pull mu ambassadors out of Russia, send Russia's ambassadors home, freeze the bank accounts of every Russian company/corporation and government agency that has accounts outside of Russia and then, vote to remove Russia from the World Trade Organization and suspend their membership on the UN Security Council.
                 Until the diplomats get out of the way, Putin will not stop laughing at the rest of the world. He is a Nero in disguise. He is not dealing with reality. Until the diplomats realize that Putin's cheese has slipped off of his cracker altogether, Crimea and Ukraine will suffer. The civilized world needs to stand together against this modern day Stalinist who wants to resurrect the former Soviet Onion, as sour as it was.
                  In the meeting on March 14, NATO needs to extend membership to Ukraine. Ukraine then needs to demand an Article 4 and Article 5 meeting immediately. NATO Troops must be in Ukraine no later than yesterday. I understand that no one politically or economically wants or needs a war--- but you don't negotiate with CRAZY.
                  Their is no logic in any of Putin's recent actions or statements. Maybe he has syphilis like Adolph Hitler did and it has affected his ability to reason. After all- economic destruction of Russia is not what he had in mind, but is what will happen after next week.

                   On March 15th Ukraine needs to be prepared for Russia troops as I think crazy will try to take more territory. Putin did not learn anything from Russia's sound beating in Afghanistan. Ukraine will be ten times worse for Russia than Afghanistan was.

                   You cannot negotiate with a bully-- you can only gang up on them and defeat them.

                   No one will win, not Crimea, not Ukraine, and certainly not Russia. I know in my heart that Putin knows that he cannot win.
Still, a megalomaniac will try to get away with whatever you let them get away with. It is part of their MENTAL ILLNESS.

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