Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Putin's Pinnochio Story About Crimea

         Vladimir Putin's escalation into the fantasy world is not unmatched by former Soviet leaders. Stalin once thought that letting his people starve to death was "cleaning house." Since Putin's reign of infamous terror on all but the criminal elite of Russia started, not even 50% of Russians would vote for him. The political polls are rigged, the news is censored, protestors are arrested, opposition leaders are killed aka silenced or sent to remote areas of Russia, the elections are rigged. The human rights violations of this wannabe Stalin and his cronies are matched by China and its oligarchy and a few other dictators around the world. While I believe that every human life is valuable, removing Mr. Putin from this earth would not raise my eyebrows, hint, hint. Anyone in Russia with courage listening?

         What I have found laughable however, it the ever changing story told by Putin about how what he is doing is legal and beneficial to Crimea. The lies just keep coming. First, he said he was protecting Russian citizens. Then he said he was protecting the human rights of Russian "speaking" citizens, who were never Russian, (even though their parents and grandparents were forced out of Crimea by Russia).
         The third lie is that the "forced secession vote" by Crimean citizens, paid for by Russia is somehow legitimate and legal. Bought elections are never legal. The invasion of part of a sovereign country is never legal. It is only because the United States has a wimp- yes, I said limp-wristed wimp as a president that Russian soldiers are still on Ukrainian soil.

           The next lie is that Russia has "no intention to annex Crimea. How long is your nose going to grow Mr. Putin? You won't need a remote to turn on the television by this time next week!You can use your nose!

Lying King of the East

 Crimea in an independent country! This is another Putin lie in progress.
Former Russian leaders made a mistake in giving Crimea back to Ukraine.
I did not like it when Ukraine did not join my Economic Union, so I threw a temper tantrum and wet myself. Then, I made up a bunch of lies to cover my real reason for illegally invading Crimea. (TRUE!)
All the rest are lies!
 That nose just keeps a growin.'

Putin's Next Lie

The Cowardly Lying King of the West

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