Monday, March 17, 2014

NATO's Response to the Illegal Secession Vote in Crimea- More Sword Rattling- YAWN!

 Did you ever watch a boxing match between two pussies that were afraid to fight one another? Well, that is the current state of affairs in Crimea. 

In this corner, we have Vladimir Putin, the crybaby bully, obviously in blue shorts. In the opposing corner, we have the European Union, NATO, and American COWARD, wearing yellow shorts with suspenders. Now, we all know who started this fight, and that the freedom of millions of people are at stake, but the two fighters dancing around the ring trying to take nickels away from one another is not fun to watch. 


Germany's Merkel had said, "Russian needs to hold onto its knickers Monday if the Crimea vote is held." Well, something to that effect anyway. Similar boasts were made by NATO, the United States' worthless womanizer John Kerry, and the European Onion. They froze the assets of some of Putin's supporters.  NO trade sanctions, no embargoes, no threat to reduce consumption of Russian fuel, no threat that had any merit whatsoever. And definitely no real sanctions of any count.

Where are the NATO troops? Certainly not in Ukraine. While their are many sweaty palms around the world, the only way to resolve this mater is to drive Russia out of Ukraine by force. Now, I usually advocate talking, negotiating, etc. Well, that has been done. 


What I would have done os froze the assets of Gazprom and other Russian companies and restricted the travel of all Russians around the world to gradually bring Putin's empire of toy blocks crashing down. 

You must understand that Mr. Putin is just as afraid of an invasion by the rest of the world of his own country as Ukraine is. The only protesters backing Putin are those who have been paid by the government to shout pro-Russian  Many of the protestors are out of work actors, politicians, and political prisoners who have been forced to make fools of themselves. 


Here is the latest statement by NATO--- Halt!, or we will yell Halt! again! (Insert laughter here). 

It is no wonder that the world's economy is in such a mess. Women are running the world, women wearing men's clothes. None of the world's leaders have any balls anymore.


Statement by the North Atlantic Council on the so-called referendum in Crimea

We consider the so-called referendum held on 16 March in Ukraine’s Autonomous Republic of Crimea to be both illegal and illegitimate. The referendum violated the Ukrainian Constitution and international law, and Allies do not recognise its results.
Furthermore, the circumstances under which it was held were deeply flawed and therefore unacceptable. This was demonstrated by the rushed nature of the poll under conditions of military intervention and the restrictions on, and the manipulation of, the media, which precluded any possibility of free debate and deliberation and deprived the vote of any credibility.
We urge the Russian Federation to de-escalate the situation, including by ceasing all military activities against Ukraine.
The so-called referendum undermines efforts to find a political solution to the crisis in Ukraine.
We further call upon the Russian Federation to honour all its international commitments, return to the path of dialogue and seek a peaceful, political solution, including through direct dialogue with the government of Ukraine. We therefore urge the Russian Federation not to take any steps to annex Crimea, which would be a clear violation of the United Nations Charter.
NATO Allies reiterate their full support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and for the principle of the inviolability of its internationally recognized borders.

Déclaration du Conseil de l’Atlantique Nord sur le prétendu référendum en Crimée

Nous considérons que le prétendu référendum qui a eu lieu le 16 mars en République autonome ukrainienne de Crimée est illégal et illégitime. Il constitue une violation de la constitution ukrainienne et du droit international, et les pays de l’Alliance n’en reconnaissent pas le résultat.
En outre, les conditions dans lesquelles il s’est tenu étaient tout à fait inadéquates et donc inacceptables. En attestent le caractère précipité du scrutin, organisé dans un contexte d’intervention militaire, ainsi que les restrictions imposées aux médias et la manipulation de ceux-ci, qui excluaient toute possibilité de libre débat et de libre réflexion, privant ainsi la consultation de toute crédibilité.
Nous demandons instamment à la Fédération de Russie de suivre la voie de la désescalade, notamment en mettant un terme à toutes les activités militaires menées contre l’Ukraine.
Le prétendu référendum met en péril les efforts visant à trouver une solution politique à la crise en Ukraine.
Nous demandons en outre à la Fédération de Russie d’honorer tous ses engagements internationaux, de reprendre la voie du dialogue et de chercher une solution pacifique et politique, notamment par un dialogue direct avec le gouvernement ukrainien. Dès lors, nous demandons instamment à la Fédération de Russie de ne prendre aucune mesure d’annexion de la Crimée, car il s’agirait d’une violation flagrante de la Charte des Nations Unies.
Les pays de l’OTAN réaffirment qu’ils soutiennent pleinement la souveraineté et l’intégrité territoriale de l’Ukraine ainsi que le principe d’inviolabilité de ses frontières internationalement reconnues.

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