Friday, March 14, 2014

FREE ADVICE ENDING March 31st 2014

               This has been a free advice blog for 34 countries since July of 2011. Due to the recent alleged obstruction of justice by US District Court Judge Edmund A. Sargus and Magistrate Elizabeth Deavers and their law clerk Zachary Keller, I no longer have the heart to help anyone any more.
                I offered my expert advice because I thought that I made a difference in this cold- hearted corrupt world. Maybe I have, but obviously that is not enough. When Ohio University employees violated my rights of free speech and my rights of due process in 2012, I sued them in US District Court in Columbus, Ohio. The continued obstruction of the law by the Ohio Attorney General's Office (especially Todd Marti, Leslie Sestile, Richard Coglianese, and Holly Welch) has been astounding. If it had been anyone else, they would have lost their licenses to practice law. But these people got away with lying to the court, allegedly bribing the judge and magistrate and their law clerk Zachary Keller.
               I thought the United States was heading towards an economic recovery, but if the US economy is recovering, why won't anyone pay me what they owe me? I can't pay my bills as a result. No one has come forward to contract with me. Instead, the world stands there with its hands out wanting me to continue to give away free advice.

              Well, I just will not do it any more. If I am not working by March 31st I will not be giving any more advice to anyone ever again. I am tired of being lied to, cheated out of my constitutional rights and liberties. You can take the United States and shove it sideways for all I care- crooked judges, crooked politicians, no free speech for students, no investigations of crooked bankers, judges, or attorneys by the US Justice Dept.

              The United States is not as bad as Russia, but it is not far from it!

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