Thursday, March 6, 2014

Crimea and the Future of Ukraine

            As of today, the corrupt government of Crimea, who is funded by Russian money, has voted to secede from Ukraine in direct violation of the Constitution of Ukraine. Those who voted to secede have forfeited their rights to Ukrainian citizenship and are guilty of treason. If they want to be Russian citizens, they have the right to pack up their belongings and take a boat to Russian territory. They do not have the right to start a civil war. This is exactly what will happen if Russia does not leave Crimea: Russia will be ostracized from all economic activity outside of its borders.
             The European Union, heeding my advice and the advice of others has already began sanctions against Russia today. Ukraine will be placed on a fast track to NATO membership within the next week (if it has not already begun to happen). EU troops and NATO troops will gradually be sent to protect Ukraine under Article 4 and Article 5 of the NATO Treaty in the next few weeks.
            Warrants for TREASON will be issued for the members of the Crimean council that voted to secede from Ukraine. Their assets will be frozen and their travel will be limited to entering Russia (leaving Ukraine). They will be forever known as war criminals and traitors. They will have their businesses and professional licenses cancelled.
            As for Ukraine, it will continue to gain favor from the European Union, NATO, and the rest of the world. The economy of Crimea will continue to decline as it is cut off financially from the rest of Ukraine. The economy of Ukraine will be repaired and will recover in full over the next five years. The economy of Russia, on the other hand, will continue to decline over the next five years. When the ruble hits 15 rubles to a dollar, it is now at 27 rubles to a dollar, Russia will have two choices: 1) go bankrupt; and 2) leave Crimea and turn over the treasonous legislators and war criminals and move the Black Sea Fleet back to Russian territory.
            There is no way that Russian can win this war against Crimea and Ukraine. Long term, Russia would be better off leaving Crimea today. Regardless of the vote taken today to secede from Ukraine, Crimea, in the international community will never be recognized as a sovereign nation unto itself or as part of Russia.
             It is ironic that the criminals of the Crimean legislature are taking this path to cover up their crimes and corruption against the people of Crimea. I would not want to be in their shoes when this is over.

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