Sunday, February 23, 2014

UN Human Rights Resolution 2014 A on International Human Trafficking

 I recently proposed a UN Resolution on Human Rights concerning Human Trafficking. It can be seen on the website below. 

 United Nations Human Rights Resolution 2014 A

I. Whereas, we, the citizens and governments of this planet
recognize that every person has the natural rights of: life, liberty,
equal treatment under the law, the right to be treated as having an
equal economic value as any other person, an education from the age
of six years old through the age of eighteen years old, the right to be
free from human bondage, indentured servitude, sexual slavery, and
other forms of enslavement,the right to heath care and health
education, the right to emergency medical treatment regardless of
religion or nationality, the right to not be physically, mentally, or
psychologically abused by any person, military, or foreign
government, the right to be free from circumcision or genital
mutilation of any kind, the right to choose their own occupation, the
right to choose to be married or not to be married to another, the
right to be free from forced marriage contracts made by their parents
or other relatives,the right to free and democratic elections of their
leaders and government officials, the right to live in sanitary
conditions, the right to free speech, the right to practice their choice
of religion without persecution or fear of bodily harm or death, the
right to have wrongs against their persons, their property, or their
rights prosecuted by the courts on both the criminal and civil levels
in every country, the right to self-determination, and the right to seek
redress for violations of any of these rights against their government
without fear of harm or persecution.
II. We, the representatives of the member nations of the United
Nations, do hereby adopt and declare that each citizen born into this
world must be afforded these rights and provided with the means
necessary to implement these rights by their respective governments.
III.We, the representatives of the member nations of the United
Nations, recognize that only by providing these rights to our citizens,
will they be equipped for the future, and that by providing these
rights and the means for our citizens to implement and access these
rights, we will provide the means to create economic stability in our
respective nations and throughout the world.
IV.Furthermore, it shall be an international, and national high or
federal crime, for any person or government to interfere with or to
deny any person any of these natural rights. The minimum
punishment for a violation of human rights shall be thirty years to
life in prison without parole or early release.
V. Furthermore, any person, employee, contractor of the United
Nations, or United Nations peacekeeper shall not be immune from
criminal or civil prosecution for violating any of these rights. Any
persons whose rights are violated by any member of any military, or
military contractor (including those under contract by the United
Nations) shall be afforded the right of the criminal prosecution and
the right to civil damages from said violator of their rights and also
from their respective employer. Any violator of the natural rights of
any person shall not be immune from criminal prosecution and
punishment or civil liability and prosecution of a civil lawsuit
against them and their respective employer in any land, whether said
prosecution is conducted in the country where the violation occurred
or in the country where the violator is either apprehended or resides.
VI.Therefore, no nation, province, or sub-government institution of
any kind shall provide immunity for any natural or legal person
(including a business entity) from the enforcement of this resolution.
Any government which provides any form of immunity from this
 resolution to any person or legal entity shall be subject to economic
sanctions of $1,000,000 One million per day in U.S. Currency.
VII.Whereas, we, the representatives of the member nations of the
United Nations have recognized the fact that a world without
enforced natural rights for every citizen living thereon, cannot be an
economically stable world, we hereby adopt and ratify this
resolution and enact it into law thusly:
VIII.This resolution shall go into effect and shall be in force upon
receiving a plural vote of the representatives of the member nations
to the United Nations, and shall go into effect one year from the date
of its adoption.
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Date of Adoption of the Resolution:                         Effective Date of the Enacted Resolution


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