Friday, February 28, 2014

Time for NATO to Step up and Be Counted

                  As I previously advised, NATO should have been at the border of Ukraine by now. Mind you, the bully Putin won't stop at Crimea if NATO doesn't get off of its ass- ets and protect Ukraine. Now that the spotlight is off of Russia, it is business as usual in Russia- one of the ten most repressive countries on the planet. Sanctions and words only go so far Obama. In this case- you can't pull a Bill Clinton and stand back and watch people get killed because they want to be out from under Putin's thumb.
                  If I was a psychoanalyst, (I do study people), I would say that the best way to call Vladimir's bluff is to send in NATO Command into Ukraine and stand at the border of Crimea to bring stability to that part of Ukraine. A bully always backs down when they are challenged by a group of kids that they have been bullying one on one. Vladimir Putin is just a neighborhood bully. Treat him like one. Don't take him on one at at time.
                  When I was growing up thee was a bully that would pick on one kid a day and wail him good. One day he tried to wail me and got a fistful of knuckles. The next day four of us beat him until he cried. He ran home to mommy and squealed like the coward that he was. Putin fears death just like anyone else. He knows that his eternity will be spent in hell. That is the only difference between him and I. I know that God is in charge of this world, and that all the Putin's will end up in hell.
                   If Mr. Putin wants Ukraine, he will have to sacrifice all of Russia for it. I don't think the United States or NATO military will stop at Ukraine if this comes to war. Putin can stop this invasion of sovereign Ukraine any day, but his feelings are hurt that they didn't want to be bullied anymore. Like Ralphie fighting Scott Fargus in The Christmas Story, Putin's bullying days are coming near to their end.
                    Obama needs to demand that NATO Command be activated into Ukraine to protect the country and oust Russia, its navy and troops once and for all, with the help of UN Peacekeepers. This could get ugly- Putin ugly before it ends. Sometimes you have to take the bully to the woodshed.
                     If I was President of the United States, NATO would already be over thereat the Crimean border. The airports would be under NATO control, not Russian control. In response, the world community needs to step away from all transactions with Russia and cancel any pending contracts until the unstable Putin leaves Ukraine and recognizes their new government as a sovereign entity. If I were Putin, I would be getting my Russian citizens out of Crimea- all of them. There, I've said my piece. Now I feel better. Now- go and do what you know to be right, honest, and true. It is time for Russia to leave Crimea or face the most humiliating economic collapse of its lifetime. When the world turns its back on Russia and no one will sell them anything until Putin leaves office and has an honest election in Russia- then maybe the world can enjoy economic stability. Time for the bully to go.

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