Friday, February 14, 2014

The European Central Bank's Bailout and Germany's High Court

           The latest comedy routine this week has been brought to you by Germany's High Court who really has no authority over the European Central Bank under the Treaty of Lisbon. Last year I advised Mr. Draghi, in a personal letter to buy up as much Treasury bonds of the terrible 7 as possible if it absolutely became necessary. Predatory bond buyers were trying to collapse the European Union. This was the best way to prevent a complete collapse of the EU's economy. Well, the threat of  implementing the plan worked. We are now further on the path to creating a United European Union with or without Ms. Merkel and her minions (who have banned my videos and blogs), because I tell the unfettered truth.
           I do not play favorites , or games with other people's lives. In my advice to the Ukraine, only 7 people have died out of 420 plus million. In the European Union, only one suicide was directly tied to my advice. If that gentle soul had sought the help of his friends ad neighbors, he would still be alive and kicking. I know austerity is a bitch. There-I said it. Being broke because you spent too much money and now the bills have come due is no fun.
           Greece is on the mend as are the many countries that implemented most if not all of my advice. Well done- your countrymen might not be proud of you, but those of us who can see the forest for the trees know that it took guts and savvy to stand up for what was right and pay your country's debts. With the help of the ECB, every EU country can breathe easier. Now, let us expand the EU to embrace the remaining former Soviet states this year. Communism is dead as it should be. Only Mr. Putin doesn't realize this fact.
            Given a choice of Communism or free enterprise, 98% of Russians would embrace free enterprise, free speech, freedom of movement, and other Human rights that Mr. Putin is threatened by. It is time for Russians to show him the door.
             Three years ago when I began advising the European Union, I wanted to get paid. Saving your sorry behinds is payment enough- although, I would not turn down the Nobel Peace Prize- which I believe I deserve. I don't like to toot my own horn, but Greece was on the cliff and Germany was about to push it into the sea. Fortunately, I came up with several ideas which nearly every Eurozone country has adopted.
            Now, let's get on with the task of implementing the rest of my advice and restart the economies of the EU 28 countries and counting by making those small business loans and education loans. The sooner that you act on this advice, the more jobs that will be created this year. I predict a 70% recovery by November of 2014 and a near full recovery by March 2015 if the United States Federal Reserve doesn't collapse our economy over here.
             When, not if, Mr. Yanukovich resigns in Ukraine and a democratic election is held (around April 1st believe is a good time), the Ukraine should join the European Union under the protection of NATO, the EU, and the United States umbrella. It would be foolhardy for Mr. Putin to stand up to this trio of umbrellas of protection. Mr. Yanukovich should be permitted to sell his assets, take his cronies and other Russian friends with him and leave Ukraine once and for all. There will be no repeat of Georgia allowed. If you don't believe me, take a look at my last post on the Ukraine. The bully will get his butt handed to him this time.
             The only thing that upsets me a little is the  people who forget that the European Union was established originally as an economic union, then a political union, and now a monetary union (under various treaties). Germany has a short memory. Greece bailed Germany out in the past. No country that now is a member of the European Union would be worth its salt alone on the waters of the world economy. This is a different world than your grandparents grew up in. Share and share alike is the motto of the year.
              Maybe Germany didn't get the memo. If you want to dig out of this financial mess, you must pull together. A boat full of people rowing at different speeds and different directions goes nowhere fast.
              The European Union Treasury should be established this year. Scotland should be given autonomy, the ECB should be moved to Brussells, Belgium, and Eurobonds should be issued to purchase all of the outstanding treasury bonds of every European Union country- and Germany should either row with the rest of the European Union or get out of the boat. Enough said. Unity of the European Union is on the horizon.
Life will get better when each of you set your minds on working together to make the European Union a better place to live --for everyone!
               The German Supreme Court should mind its own business and stay out of European Union politics. The ECB is running just fine without their input. The European Union Court should ignore and overrule the German court's advice altogether.

My record is 98% success so far. If the EU countries would adopt my advice sooner the recovery will happen much sooner. And, by the way, requiring a unanimous vote on every EU action is ludicrous and outright stupidity, abandon it already. Oh, but that too would require a unanimous vote to do away with the requirement of a unanimous vote.  Oh, what fun you political cronies are!

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