Thursday, February 13, 2014

Solving the Ukrainian Puzzle Without Causing a War- Can It Be Done?

             I have sat back quietly, watching with a smile on my face, the recent event in Ukraine. The Prime Minister has taken my advice and resigned. There are still riots in the street. Crazy Vladimir Putin has rattled his rusty sabre in the United States' direction.
             So, Ukraine is without a Prime Minister, members of Parliament are resigning, there are still protests in the street, the Ukarainian economy is nearly falling off the cliff, the United States and NATO have  took my advice and intervened with an aid package, and Vladimir is madder than h---! Did I get that right? You bet I did!
             What needs to happen next probably already is behind the scenes. NATO needs to assess how many troops it can readily assemble on the Ukraine-Russian front or at the very least on the Eastern, Western, and Southern borders of Ukraine, or nearby friendly nation and dare Vladimir Putin to cross the imaginary line into Ukraine to start another war over territory that was never Russia's to begin with.
             Our emissaries need to send a message to this pompous school yard bully that his childish antics will not be tolerated. He bullied Georgia (a small country), and now wants to bully Ukraine (the home of 420 million people, a majority of whom do not want to be part of Russia ever again.
             A monitored vote should be conducted once President Yanukovich has left the country for good (soon-we ALL hope!) , the sooner the better. The citizens of Ukraine should be allowed to decide their own fate. No crooked polls. Every citizen over the age of eighteen votes, no restrictions but two- you must be alive (breathing, brain waves, etc.) and two, you must be a citizen of Ukraine.
            After the vote is tallied, whoever lost can freely leave the country and go to hell or Russia. I have heard that they are the same place, so there's really no difference. Those committing voter fraud by interfering in the election process by any means and those voting more than once would be shot on sight- no trial, no jail time, just swift justice.
             What need to happen after NATO gets off of its military behinds is for the citizens of Ukraine to go on a work stoppage and shut down the country- SOLIDARITY- with your countrymen against the tyranny of the bully from the north will bind you together. I am sorry that the leaders of the opposition groups are not worthy to be president of Ukraine- none of them. So, a new election should be held and opened up to every citizen male and female over the age of 25 years old. After all, the present politicians obviously don't have a clue as to how the UKRAINE should be run as a DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY.
             If NATO doesn't want another Georgia to happen they need to step up to the plate and get off of the fence. Diplomacy with a lunatic only goes so far. NATO needs to meet this month on this and act fast to protect the citizens of Ukraine. The people of Ukraine deserve to live in a democratic country that has ties to NATO protection. NATO should never allow another Georgia type invasion to happen by either China or Russia. Sabre rattling is a child's game. Mr. Putin should learn from "the Christmas Story" - bullies get spanked good when those being bullied get tired of it.

             Vladimir Putin needs to look back at the spanking that Russia got when it invaded Afghanistan and see an outcome ten times worse if it even thinks about invading Georgia or Ukraine again. Rattle that sabre again punk! Do you feel lucky? Well, do you?

              Just look at the resolve of these protestors after two months of freezing cold. Imagine fighting them
in a protracted war where all they have left to lose is their lives. Step back Mr. Putin. Bullies are no longer tolerated. NATO, the EU, and the USA will put out your fire if you start a move towards Ukraine. You can be sure of that. You will wish you were Scott Fargus.

Anti-government protesters rest near an open fire, as temperatures reach minus 20 degrees Celsius (minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit) at a barricade near Independence Square in Kiev, January 30, 2014. REUTERS-Gleb Garanich

 Hang in there Ukraine, the United States, the European Union, and NATO have your back.
It will soon be spring, and freedom will be on your lips forever more. Stand together in unity with one purpose-to create a democratic Ukraine where every voice can be heard. Only by joining the European Union can the Ukraine expand its markets. The Russian economy is in the toilet, there is political challenges in several places around Russia that may get out of hand, but stand strong together against tyranny and for a democratic country, not a republic, but a true democracy.

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