Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's Time For NATO and the European Union to Step up and Help Ukraine Become Part of a True Democracy

             What? You mean that Ukraine is not a democracy? Technically, yes and no. While the corrupt and incompetent Mr. Yanukovich was elected, there was a large amount of election fraud and voter fraud. Their presidential election looked like an election in the United States where the popular vote means nothing. The politicians and cronies elect who they want as president and the rest of the population has to suffer for their corruption of the democratic process.
               Unfortunately, where the west and the Ukraine part is that the corruption in the Ukraine is backed by a Communist Russia who would love to take the Ukraine back by force if necessary. Vladimir Putin, Russia's dictator, who was also elected through a corrupted election process has said all along that his desire was to see the Ukraine back under Russia's control. This does not sound like democracy to me.
                When the will of the people was violated by Pres. Yanukovich back in November of 2013, he lost the trust of the people of Ukraine. Any violence can be attributed to the desire of the people of Ukraine to force this corrupt politician and his political cronies out of the country and into Russia. The door for Mr. Yanukovich's escape is closing. A worker's strike has been suggested and would literally shut down the entire country if the people of Ukraine really want to live in a true democracy that the European Union is gradually becoming.
                 While parts of the European Union government is operated by a plutocracy and other sections are partially controlled by a banking oligarchy (that is being dismembered), the bones of a true democracy are getting flesh on their bones and muscles as well. As the citizens of the European Union demand more personal equality and more economic equality (both in process), their true democracy will continue to increase the rights of every citizen of the European Union. This is what the citizens of Ukraine want- to be members of the now forming United European Union. What they do not want is to become a part of Russia again. If Mr. Putin was paying attention over the past four months, he would realize that democracy is what Russia lacks most and what Ukraine desires most.
                   Until Mr. Putin gets out of the way and stops funding the tyranny of Pres. Yanukovich, the roots of a civil war will continue to grow. The blood of 27 people is on his and Pres. Yanukovich's hands. It is time that NATO and the European Union stepped up to the plate and positioned troops in  Poland and along the southern border of Ukraine to deter Mr. Putin from moving troops into Ukraine in an attempt to take the country by force. After all- that is his plan. Should we stand idly by and let a dictator and a corrupt bought politician overrule the wishes of 420 million people? I say NYET! What do you say?

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