Friday, February 21, 2014

If You Want Peace in Ukraine

                 If you truly want peace and economic prosperity in Ukraine, President Yanukovich must resign today, not later this year. He must resign today. Anyone that negotiates a shared power agreement with this corrupt abusive government will not be respected by the people of Ukraine. When the EU negotiators try to pass off this farce of an agreement later this morning, if Yanukovich has not resigned, hundreds more will die needlessly this weekend. The future of Ukraine is in the hands of a selfish dictator.
                The people of Ukraine deserve to be free. They deserve to have self- determination and a democracy. They have the right to vote to join the European Union or the Russian Economic Union if the majority votes that way. Killing people who are rescuing their fallen comrades is cowardice at its worst. President Yanukovich should be driven home to pack and then escorted to the Russian border. His loyalties lie not with Ukraine, but with Russia.
                  I have offered two different solutions that could resolve this conflict today. Both of them involve Yanukovich resigning office. No shared power agreement will be accepted by the people with a vote next December. The longer you leave this corrupt politician in office, the more corrupt he and parliament becomes. Clean house once and for all this month. Then the economic recovery can begin.

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