Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Crimea - Cry Me a River! Possible Solutions- Pick One!

Here are a few possible solutions to the Crimean problem in Ukraine:

1) You could build a wall in the middle of the capital, Oh! Wait! That's been done before and DID NOT WORK!

2) Russia could move its Black Sea Fleet in the next year to Russia soil.

3) Russians could be allowed to move out of Crimea, give up their Ukraine citizenship, and give up their Ukraine passports as well.

4) NATO could move part of its joint military navy into the Crimean port.

5) Everyone can just CHILL! Everything stays the way it is with the exception of Russia moving its Black Sea Fleet to Russian soil, and allowing Crimean citizens to emigrate to Russia- after all, the population has shrunk almost 17% since 2000.

What is not an option is an independent Crimean Peninsula! Seriously?  The end of the  tail wagging the dog?

NATO should put its troops on alert and openly offer Ukraine membership status before the end of the week. That should put an end to the sabre rattling. Russian speaking citizens should be protected as well as their rights. The statues of Lenin- one of the most heinous war criminals- should come down- he is not a hero any more than Mr. Putin is a good leader.

When Russia learns to provide Human Rights to its citizens, those rights being life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, free speech, freedom of movement, freedom to protest, freedom to seek redress from your government, and so many others (see my Proposed European Union Constitution) on a previous post on this blog, then Russia can dictate policy and desires to others. Arresting people who are protesting the arrests and conviction of protestors is irony in action. Mr. Putin should take his comedy routine on the road. THe only problem is this- no one would applaud.

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