Friday, February 21, 2014

A Tyrannt Refuses to Abdicate His Office- Pres. Yanukovich

             While a temporary truce and a negotiation has taken place by the opposition leaders and the corrupt Pres. Yanukovich, it should be noted that it is only a partial victory. The former Prime Minister should have never been imprisoned on "political charges" in the first place. The fact that Yanukovich previously refused to release her to the International Red Cross. I had tried unsuccessfully to get the corrupt Ukraine Supreme Court to remove Yanukovich. Now that over 100 people have died as a result of the Interior Ministry killing its own citizens, what has changed? Very little indeed.
              You still have a tyrant in office. You still have a corrupt Parliament. You still have corrupt judges. You still have over 100 people dead as a result of one person's power grab and his secret deals with Russia's Putin. Is the deal enough? Not if it leaves a tyrant in office.
               I was amazed at the irreverent comments by Foreign Minister Roshenko saying that the Interior Ministry would "kill them all." Did he forget that his comments were public? Or was he just being an ASS? The fact of the matter is that the tyrant still sits on his throne while the citizens outnumber the troops of the Interior Ministry. The solutions offered included Mr. Yanukovich leaving office, resigning, and leaving the country. Is his head so thick that he cannot see this as the only solution?
               It is no one else's fault but Mr. Yanukovich's that one hundred plus people died to keep him a  throne that he does not deserve to sit on. I believe that he will try to fix the elections again, just as he did in the last election.  Deal or NO DEAL?   I say, as long as Pres. Yanukovich is in office, there is no deal. Peace cannot sit at the feet of a corrupt dictator.

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