Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Free Ukraine!- Now, Don't Mess it Up! Economic Advisory Coming!

             Okay, so now what? Here's what I believe the people of Ukraine want:

1. A free democratic election next month, not in May.
2. Yanukovych and his friends, and others can freely leave the Ukraine today!
3. His assets will be purchased at fair market values by the government. Yanukovych and his family will be guaranteed to receive the proceeds without any assessments against his assets. Yanukovych and his family, friends, others will not be harmed by any person or by any means. Let them leave Ukraine and be done with them.
4. Clean up the streets.
5. Restore order but not by force. Instill pride in your citizens. Not bitterness. Now is not the time to celebrate your victory. Lives have been spent on both sides of the conflict.
6. Guarantee the safety of the Eastern part of the country and its citizens who do not choose to leave. They are your friends, neighbors, and possibly even family. It is time for you to strive for peace.
7. Sit down tomorrow and establish a temporary government with the head of Parliament as a temporary leader.
8. In one month from now, have a truly democratic election to determine two things:
a) the new President of Ukraine.
b) Whether Ukraine will join Russia's Economic Union or the European Union. A majority vote wins in each separate election. No tricks, no election fraud, no corruption. Got that?

If you agree with these suggestions, email me at I will post your response to the world.

Ms. Tymoshenko, I am honored to have played a part in your release. I hope to meet you someday on better terms.

Mark Winkle
Founder, The Winkle Institute

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