Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Peaceful Solution for Ukraine

A New Member for the European Union: Ukraine

           In my humble opinion, Mr. Yakunovich protests too much. He tried to cut a sweetheart deal for himself at the expense of 420 million people. At the present time, the death toll is under fifty people, and it should stay there for a long while if he vacates his office and allows the country to join the European Union. 
           Condescending to Russia's Vladimir Putin was the bone head mistake of a lifetime. The only way that I see Mr. Yakunovich staying out of prison and staying alive throughout the remainder of the year is if he leaves office peacefully. The Ukrainian people are tired of being pushed around and subjected to tyrannical bullies. So, how does he leave without it appearing that he has capitulated to his political enemies? Well, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and leave. Russia will give him a room next to Mr. Snowden and put him on the same payroll. 
            The people of Ukraine deserve to be free to choose their own leaders in free elections where the journalists and candidate's free speech rights are not interfered with. One suggestion is a general work strike and non-violent demonstrations at the same time ala Lech Walensa (of Poland). Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, the labor opposition leaders need to have the police and the military on their side. No rocks, no boulders, no rubber bullets, just the solidarity of 420 million people standing up against a corrupt government and a corrupt president. 
             For the Ukraine to economically survive, the country's businesses must increase their customer base beyond eastern Europe. A membership in the European Union will provide millions of new customers for Ukrainian businesses in the future. If the business owners stand behind the strikes, the country will be free from Mr. Yakunovich in a month or two at the most. Cockroaches don't stay around long when a cat is hungry. While the cat may not eat the cockroach, it will chase the cockroach out of its territory. Many of the members of the government of Ukraine are like cockroaches hiding in the dark. 
              While the opposition leaders of Yakunovich's political party have threatened to take the country by force, my solution provides for a peaceful transition. If peaceful protesters are arrested, then you can use violence to free them and take over the country. Everyday, the opportunity to resolve this dispute is present. All it will take is for the people to stand together against tyranny.

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