Friday, December 20, 2013


                  No one wants to hear of another impending war. No one expects a war before it begins. No one anticipates the carnage and the destruction that comes with the lust for power. The greed and corruption, the bribery, the assassinations, the false imprisonment of opposition leaders, corrupted elections, and other acts of deprivation of human rights that have been exercised by Vladimir Putin's regime in Communist Socialist Russia and his henchmen in the Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, and other countries must be put to an end in 2014 once and for all.
                   Russia's recent actions of threatening to cut off natural gas and heating oil to Ukraine is an act of war. While it is economic war, it is war all the same. What needs to happen around the world in the next five years is for every nation that harbors a dictator such as Putin, Yakunovych,Venezuela, Turkmenistan, Eritrea, etc. to be placed under a UN Resolution (see previous post on Long Term Worldwide Economy).
                    Ever work for a real S.O.B. who griped about everything you did. Who wanted to control every move you made? Did that person make you want to do your best? Did they inspire you to search for solutions, or did they make you so mad that you just said, "screw it." Unfortunately, that is how most of the workers around the world and especially those ran by dictators such as Mugabe and Putin feel.
                    Putin's plan is to take control of Ukraine's economy and then absorb the Ukraine into Russia (by force if necessary) in 2014. It is up to the people of Ukraine, NATO, the UN, and the European Union to see that this does not happen.  So, I am asking the citizens of the Ukraine to step up, stand fim together against two dictators Yakunovych and Putin and say to them, NYET! Never again will we be dominated by Russia. It is time for the citizens of Ukraine to go on strike if you will and demand Yakunovych to leavve the country. If he likes Russia so much, have him share a bed with Edward Snowden. I'm sure there is room in a cottage in Siberia somewhere. After all, where is Snowden anyway? Anyone actually seen him lately. We hear about all of the documents that he might have. I doubt that he still has them. Something tells me that Snowden is dead already. I dare Putin to present him and the alleged documents in front of the world press.
                     Putin had to figure that Snowden might be a double agent.
                     Anyway, get rid of these dictators any way you want and the world will be a beeter and safer place to live. It will definitely be a more economically stable world, that's for sure. Boycott the Olympics until the citizens of Ukraine are free of Yakunovych and the European Union documents are signed.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the world and especially the people of Ukraine. 

Mark Winkle

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