Saturday, December 7, 2013

It is time to Bring the Ukraine Home EU Commission, United States, and NATO

                      It is Time to Bring the Ukraine Home EU Commission, United States, and NATO!
It is Time to Extend the Hand of Friendship to the People of the Ukraine, NOW!!!

                   As one of the lead, unofficial Financial, Environmental, and Legal Research consultants on the EU fiscal crisis and many other areas, I believe it is time for the European Commission, the United States President, The US State Department, and NATO Command to step up to the plate. While the Ukraine citizens do not desire being under Putin's regime, they are being sold down the river by their own president, much like the United States has been with Obama's Health Care debacle and its constitutional violations of citizen's rights. 
                   If the Ukraine is to remain free, the three of you need to extend credit to the Ukraine in exchange for military support, financial support, and the removal of the president of the Ukraine in the next ninety days (90). Vladimir Putin's plan is to recreate a new USSR by force if necessary. His threats to remove heating oil and natural gas this winter are only a small extent of this man's greed for power. Vladimir Putin is just a school yard bully that needs to be taught a lesson. That lesson is that the world will not stand by as a nation who demands to be free, to have free democratic elections, to make decisions on their own, to create trade with whomever they desire to trade with, should be honored. 
                    NATO Command needs to step up and show Putin that it is prepared to go to war to defend the Ukraine from a Russian takeover by force. The current President of the Ukraine should be give immunity if he leaves quietly and is made to listen to Mr. Snowden and Putin yammer incessantly about the new Russian regime. If you think you have a lack of privacy here in the United States, you should move to Russia where their soldiers freely rape women and bug your bedrooms. In Russia there is no privacy. While China has wisely refused Ukraine's president, he has ran back to father Communist Putin in an attempt to beg for his life. The Ukrainian people want blood-his blood. But, I believe that they can be reasoned with. If he leaves quietly before the end of the year, give him a million US, which Putin will cheat him out of or sell him a bottle of Vodka for it. 
                     The former Prime Minister  should be hospitalized immediately and taken into custody by the International Red Cross ASAP under United Nations supervision. I would do this on Monday. Just send the UN and the ICR in and let him try to stop the removal of his predecessor from prison to the safety of a hospital (in the United States). Fly her family here for the holidays. In the next sixty days, bring in NATO troops to the Ukraine, to defend against Putin's hot flashes. Send an Aircraft Carrier into the gulf close to Ukraine to defend its southern borders. Establish air support in Turkey. Position 50,000 troops on standby and let the press know our intentions to assist the Ukraine if Putin or any Russian troops set one toe over the Ukrainian border. 
                     In sixty days, the Ukrainian  citizens should be permitted to vote whether they want to join the European Union or not. 
                     A collaborative government should be set up by the three parties not in power so that the transition of power into a national democratic election that is overseen by the United Nations occurs. The signing of the joining of the European Union should occur on the first day  of the presidency of the Ukraine taking office. The United States and Great Britain as well as the 2013 and 2014 Presidents of the United Nations, John William Ashe and Sam Kutesa, as well as the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso. Four hundred and Twenty Million people need your help. If you don't give it to them, them may be forced to join a new and more powerful Russia that will try to take them by force. Remember Afghanistan? Remember Georgia? Remember the wiping out of most of the Armenian people in the early 1900's? 
                     The time to get organized is now! The time to stand up for what you know is right is now! The time to put this communist wannabe Stalinist in his place is now! 
                      Rosen Chocolate Factory, get ready to send me my reward, freedom is coming! I'll be waiting and praying for every Ukrainian living that each one of you taste the freedom that we used to have here in the United States and will again taste once our worthless president is out of office. 
                      With freedom, you will see your economy soar higher than you ever dreamed it would. Dream with me Ukrainians. Take heart, the world is coming to your rescue!  
                      Pack your bags ladies and gentlemen, you have a country and 420 million people to bring into democracy. Maybe Obama won't screw this up. It would be nice if he did at least one thing during his eight years in office that wasn't an embarrassment to the United States.  Maybe you could offer him citizenship and he would stay in the Ukraine. Wouldn't that be a hoot! Then maybe our economy could recover? 
                     Anyway, this is TOP PRIORITY! No sleeping, no boozing, and no women until this deal is done. I want the Ukraine under the UN umbrella in a week or less. I want them under NATO protection within a week. I want economic envoys flying to the Ukraine and the European Union working out the immediate release and expedited removal of the former prime minister of the Ukraine ASAP! 
                      You've trusted my instincts up to now, so don't fail me. It will take nerves of steel to pull this off, but I have faith that this is what God wants to happen before the start of the year. So get on it! Don't fail me now!

Mark Winkle, Founder
Winkle Institute of Worldwide Economic Stability


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