Saturday, October 19, 2013

Take Over of the Republican Party in the United States by the Tea Party of the United States

                As one of the founding members of the Tea Party of the United States of America, I have tried to make a difference by posting advice to the European Union, the United States, the United Nations, and the IMF.
                Recently, the once proud Republican Party stalled a vote on raising the debt ceiling on the United States debt. What was passed was a complete capitulation to the president and the Democratic Party. The legislation that was passed was not a debt ceiling, but gave Obama the unlimited right to increase the debt of the United States without limit until January 17, 2014.
                Instead of standing up for the rights of the American citizens and dismantling Obama care, John Boehner pulled an end around the Tea Party Congressmen and sided with the Democratic Party. In a planned attack against Tea Party Congressmen who had stood up against Obamacare, which is an unconstitutional law despite the US Supreme Court's ruling earlier this year.
               It will be interesting to see if Congressman John Boehner will provide the campaign contribution documents that I will be requesting from his office.

Mark Winkle

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