Tuesday, September 3, 2013

On Moving the United States Military Out of the European Union...

A Five Year Plan for the Removal of

Armed Forces From the European Union

by Mark Winkle Fin., Env., and Legal Research Consultant

Founder of The Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability



          In the world's history, there have been many well-meaning countries that have sought to bring their version of “democracy” to the world. There was the Byzantine Empire, the Mongolian Empire, Germania, Britannia, the Babylonian Empire, the Roman Empire, and oh so many more now defunct empires that have sought to free the citizens of other countries from their economic impoverishment and replace it with the emperor's Republic and their version of democratic freedom.

          The present erosion of freedoms in the United States in the past twelve years should indicate the version of freedom and democracy that is available to the citizens of the United States.

          We spy on our neighbors, our friends, our enemies, and even ourselves. We launch missiles and drones on those who we think might oppose out point of view. Our government controls our media so that “the true facts” and the hard stories are never put into print or on the air. We charge those brave souls that oppose these limitations on the truth and investigate them as well. We hold secret court hearings, conduct secret wiretaps, kill innocent people, and hide behind the lies that we tell ourselves. Our government toadies believe that the “end justifies the means.”

          We target innocent people of poor nations and test biological weapons such as SARS, the Ebola virus, the Avian flu, the AIDS virus, and so many untold others ironically through the World Health Organization (WHO) which is supposed to be bringing the mortality rate of the citizens of these poor nations down by providing them with vaccines and food.

          We use the International Monetary Fund and the CIA to destabilize the economies of the nations of the world in an attempt to scare the national governments into adopting an international currency. We use the HAARP system in Alaska to cause earthquakes and then threaten nations like Japan to put their national banks under our Federal Reserve's control.

          Presently, at last count, the United States has economically and militarily “invaded 104 of the world's nations. Our military budget is so large and so secret “in the name of national security,” that we spend more than ten times more than any ten nations military budgets added together. Our government, which I believe is controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations and other groups, desires a one world government with the seat of power in Washington D.C.

          If you want proof, you need only look at George Bush Sr's speeches that he desired a “New World Order.” His son, George Jr. installed bases throughout Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and several other Arab nations during the years 2000-2008 to insure that the United States got the oil that it fought the Iraq and now Afghanistan wars for. The “weapons of mass destruction” (WMD's) had been moved to Russia three weeks before our invasion of Iraq. Everyone in the know knew that, even the CIA knew that there were no WMD's in Iraq when we invaded. The oil field contracts had been carved up and auctioned out by Dick Cheney and George Bush long before we sent our American troops “over there.”

          While Mr. Obama has freed some of the “alleged war combatants” of the Iraqi war that were illegally renditioned at illegally imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba (a war crime, by the way), all of the alleged enemy combatants have not been released. They have not received a “fair and impartial trial” as is required by our United States Constitution either.

          Why is the United States negotiating with the Taliban terrorists that started the Afghanistan War? Hasn't the CIA negotiated a decent enough of a share of the Heroin trade with them yet? Afghanistan is such a Stone Age country that even the United States' technology could not turn them into a strategic outpost against Russia. The paranoia of the “Emperor's New Clothes” is wearing thin on the economy of the United States. We starve our schools of resources in order that new advanced mean of psychological terrorism can be researched against “possible future enemies.” Our military cries when its budget is reduced by $50 Billion. This is mere chump change to these peddlers of death.

          In the 1960's and 1970's we waged a war for oil in a small country called Vietnam. We were trying to free their oil from the Vietnamese Sea, and not the people of South Vietnam as the lie we told the citizens of the United States at that time. Our military took the lives, hopes, and futures of over three million people in the name of OIL, not democracy.

          In the first Iraqi war, in the 1990's we were paid with Kuwaiti OIL. When George Bush Sr. wimped out on his way to Baghdad, his son George Bush Jr. sacrificed more than 1,000,000 Iraqis to obtain favorable Oil contracts for numerous OIL companies less than ten years later. Iraq now edges closer to a full blown civil war as tribal disputes over OIL revenues erode and innocent non-combatant civilians are killed every day for OIL.

          In the Balkan wars of Bosnia, Serbia, and Herzegovina the United States stood back and watched as millions of innocent civilians were forced from their homes, taken to camps, and starved to death. Why, because they had nothing to trade with us for their lives. Now, with Russia and China funding and building pipelines across the former countries of the Soviet Union, we have an incentive to help these once conquered nations. Who stood by and watched these people get slaughtered and starved to death, the European Union.

          Who stood by the United States in each of these massacres of innocent civilians, the European Union? Who now allows the United States to trump their military's powers in their own lands under NATO, the European Union? Who allows the United States to commit murder, rendition, torture, and the destruction of human lives in the name of democracy, the European Union?

          You say that the European Union wants to free from outside influence? You say that the European Union wants to have economic stability? You bellyache that you are sick and tired of fighting wars and funding wars that European citizens should have never been involved in? Then stand up to the United States and say NO! the next time that the United States wants you to get involved in a war. World Peace will only come through negotiation, not domination. The continued armed escalations and the fighting of wars needs to stop. True freedom and democracy should be given to every country without payment to the United States or any other foreign body.

          Tell the United States to “take their troops home, take your ships home, take your guns home, and take your missiles and spies home too. Tell the United States that you, the European Union, will defend its own borders beginning on January 1, 2018 and will call upon the United States for assistance (only as needed) in case of another World War. If such a war happens, God help us all.

          Tell the United States that a unilateral treaty between the United States, Russia, and China is long overdue. Tell the United States that a renegotiation of the NATO Treaty is also long overdue.

          If the United States truly wants to be a world leader, we will stay within our own borders until we are asked to intervene in another country's war. Maybe, if we stay home and mind our own business, we can pay off our own country's debts and balance our own budget for once in the history of our country.
          I understand that this position might raise some eyebrows around the world, but the United States needs to fix our own problems before we begin acting as a "traffic cop" to the world.
          The time to start declaring your economic and military freedom from the United States is now. The world is watching to see if there can ever be a world peace. As the main aggressor nation that interferes in the governments of other nations, I believe that we, the United States need to step back and give the world back their sovereignty and allow each nation to decide what kind of government that they desire as long as they are not interfering in the business of the UNited States. We have no moral directive to create clones of the United States. Yes, dictatorships need to be brought down, but not by outside forces. The will of the citizens of each independent country should decide the level of freedoms that they require.


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