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Mark Winkle's Universal Theory Riddles of the Universe Solved

The Riddles of the Universe Solved

by Mark R. Winkle

Fin., Env., and Legal Research Consultant


                                                                                August 31, 2013

Solutions to: The Theory of Everything: thus, of course, the solution to the String theory, non-String Theory, Consequences and Exclusions Theory,  Magnetic Field theory, Space Time Continuum Theory, Quantum Physics, Random Sort Theory, Lost Time Theory, and  even the completion of Einstein's Unified Field Theory and Einstein's Unified Theory of Energy


          The Theory of Everything: thus, of course, the solution to the String theory, non-String Theory, Consequences and Exclusions Theory,  Magnetic Field theory, Space Time Continuum Theory, Quantum Physics, Random Sort Theory, Lost Time Theory, and  even the completion of Einstein's Unified Field Theory and Einstein's Unified Theory of Energy can all be summed up into this simple yet  very profound theory and equation of energy which is always balanced: E= or a+b - c = d, or Ev = d, where a is a living creation, b is a thought or action that projects a specific amount of energy, and c is the choice not acted upon: thus d is the resulting alternative universe created by this singular event. Each “singular event” is it's own alternative universe's “Big Bang, point of the moment of creation.”

Rationale: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Thus for every action, there is an action that was not taken. However, the mere thought of taking a different action creates a similar discharge of energy into the surrounding cosmos around the living creation, thus creating yet another alternative universe with it's own unlimited thoughts, actions and non-actions which also create their own infinite alternative-alternative universes ad infinitum. It can be assumed that each thought, action, and it's opposing non-action generate a simultaneous charge equal to one another and separated at equal distances to one another. These three separate sources of energy are interminably tied to one another throughout time. I will call this energy amount a trimo, as these three energy sources travel through time simultaneously and affect every particle of time that they collide, or intersect with. Such interweaving, collision or intersection having both a positive, negative, and neutral effect on each part of the trimo, and other trimos which it interacts or does not interact with, thus creating more alternative universes along the way ad infinitum.


In Genesis Chapter One, it says “God spoke” and things happened. I believe that God is time, in and of itself being one and the same. Time is omnipresent, omnipotent, and infinite. Time always was, always will be, and rules over everything in all of space. Time judges us all. I dare you to say that you don't believe in God now. Whether I am right or not, only time will tell.


Thus, following this chain of thought, there are an infinite number of alternative micro alternative universes which are interwoven around a living creation's path throughout it's lifespan. Thus, while in one life, the being may cease to live at the age of ninety-nine, in numerous alternative universes, the being's life has already ended some time before, or is ongoing for an indefinite time.


As for homo sapiens, the soul of a sentient being is their life force and the source of the energy that keeps them alive, the vast infinite number of possible alternative universes available to said sentient being is infinite. Thus, the central energy source of any living creation in the universe having an energy field around it will also generate an innumerable amount of alternative intersecting universes.

When a living creation, being, sentient creation no longer feels that it is necessary it can will its life force to end.


It is my belief that the “Dark Matter” of our “seen” universe, which makes up 99.9% of the energy of our seen and thus “known universe” is made up of the energy of the thoughts, actions, and non-actions of living matter of the sum of all of the infinite number of alternative universes which constantly are interwoven, colliding, and intersecting with one another.


For instance, If I buy a lottery ticket and come up one number off of hitting the lottery, which has happened to me personally, my life shifts to a different alternative universe than had I never purchased said lottery ticket at all, as I would have been at a different place during the time period that I spent conducting my purchase. Had I won the lottery by correctly picking the lottery numbers, the other winners would also be spun into an alternative universe separate from the one where I did not win. In addition, my life would then be spun into yet further alternative universes based upon the vast number of decisions, actions, and non-actions that I would make for the rest of that lifetime, for that specific alternative universe.


          Each thought, action, and non-action create the same amount of micro energy bursts into the magnetic field around a living creation in each of the infinite universes. Thus, when the life of a living creation ceases to be, that energy, E, is transferred back to the universal energy field of fluid creation F, as no living creation can be static, as it's energy field, it's life force is constantly affecting every other life force around it, both drawing energy from, and giving energy to other creations F as they interweave, collide, and or intersect one another's energy field for each infinitesimal period of time to its lowest measurement and to infinity. In this paper, a thought is equal to a decision as it is always a conscious choice to think the thought which was thought of.

          Thus, the universes, plural, are constantly growing and shrinking simultaneously at the same moment in time, a perfect balance of natural energy, all which began with a single thought and a single action which we call “The Big Bang.”

          You say, “How is this possible?" Since time T, is constant and fluid, there have always been creations, and energy fields surrounding even molecules. One action, no matter how small, by any creation, in any field of time, on any universe, on any plane of existence, would create an ever increasing source of energy and alternative universes as a result of each action and inaction taken by that living creation F.


The final formulae or Where did we come from and where are we going to?

Thus, Ev = a+b-c = d, where E is energy and v is the variable action, non-action or thought surrounding that specific action or non-action. Ev= d; which is the energy source of Dark Matter, which is constantly in flux in every alternative universe including the present alternative universe in which we presently are actively aware of. Whether you believe me or not creates another alternative universe as well.


Time travel from one alternative universe to another is not possible, however, at the intersection or collision point of alternative universe's one might have the feeling “that they were here before.” This is due to the time shift coefficient which results from the varying life cycles of each alternative universe, as you may have already “been there in an alternative universe in an alternative time.”  It is also inherent that each living creation is directly connected to its mirror creations which simultaneously exist in numerous other alternative universes. I do not believe however, that we can affect the future or past of these other mirrors of ourselves in these alternative universes. I do believe that due to the energy stream connection which is generated through the creation of the new alternative universe that we do look back and reflect through that “shared self” of our cosmic mirrored selves and judge whether or not we have made the correct decision. At the point where we decide that we made a bad or poor decision and make a course correction as a result of acting on our decision to make the desired change, another alternative universe is again created. This explains conclusively Einstein's Unified Field Theory and Einstein's Unified Energy Theory at the same time.


          Many of you will decide to like me and many of you will decide to be indifferent and say, “Oh well, how does that help me? You can look at it this way. Your life is a complicated mess of decisions that you and others have made that have caused you to think about or take certain actions, and not making other decisions and acting on them instead. For each bad, poor, mediocre, or just plain crazy thought or decision that you had or acted out, there are an infinite number of you's in an infinite number of alternative universes, in at least one of those universes you had all of the greatest thoughts that you could ever have and made all of the best choices for yourself that you could make and had a long and wonderful life - imagine that. Thought becomes reality, even if it happens in an alternative universe somewhere else in time and space. Many of you will hate me and thus may end my life in an alternative universe. That is your choice as well. We all have to go sometime.


This paper will be under constant addition and revision as my time in this alternative universe progresses. Earlier versions will be overwritten thus creating additional alternative universes as well. I can almost see you smiling :).


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