Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Lies Politicians Tell Us

Privacy? Hah!

There has been no personal privacy since the 1970's

(or earlier)!


            In a hilarious recent article by th Associated Press, two spying programs were recently admitted by Mr. Obama. It is hilarious only because there has been no personal privay since the 1970's when President Carter requested phone taps on telephone calls to the Middle East. Before that, phone taps were frequently granted by judges for nearly any reason regardless of the invasion of privacy.

            As an international consultant, all of my phone calls and internet activity is closely monitored. I have offered political, financial, and environmental advice to more than 30 countries around the world. I have been conducting financial, environmental, and legal research since 1985. I began advising foreign governments in 2011 as the European Union financial crisis deepened.

            Mr. Obama stated ironically, “NOBODY IS LISTENING TO YOUR PHONE CALLS!” I call bullshit! How do you know when a politician is lying, their lips are moving! Since Mr. Obama's lips are almost always moving these days as he backs away from his Marxist/ Socialist plans for the United States having nearly collapsed the economies of the world almost single-handedly, Mr. Obama is always lying.

            With more than 15,000 satellites flying overhead in space, more than 1,800 “listening posts” around the world operated by our spy agencies under NSA contracts, it is ironic that the Associated Press, the “guardians of the White House” would even publish such an ironic and infamous claim that

Your Government is not Spying on You! Of course they are! They have been for more than forty years!

            Is there any wonder why you aren't permitted on cetain islands in the Carribean? Is there any wonder why you cannot land on certain beaches in the United States, the Bahamas, and the Virgin Islands? Listening Posts are everywhere if you look. This is the age of technology people. Get with it.

            Your government knows what you bought, where you bought it, how much you paid for it, how much you have left in your banking accounts, checking accounts, bonds and stock accounts, etc. There are no secrets. Unless a magnetic microwave burst is sent through the Internet wiping out all magenitically stored data around the world on an underlying unnoticed and undetectable signal, your governments will, in a few years even know how many times you used the bathroom today.

            Mr. Obama promised that he would close GITMO, he lied. He promised to end the war in Iraq in his first year, he lied. He promised that his healthcare plan would not interfere with your present coverage, he lied. His administration does not have more than ten honest people in it and I doubt that there are even ten honest people in his administration.

            The unofficial unemployment rate in the DEPRESSION went up to 29.8%. The US Federal Reserve is presently supporting the New York Stock Exchange and the artificial DJIA. I know the

NY T won't print this, but I use the NYT to line my trash can so my trash doesn't get too stinky. The US Fed is currently indebted more that 2,500%  (25 times) than its assets. The US Dollar is worthless. The US economic numbers are being manipulated, banks are barely loaning money to good customers, houses are still being foreclosed on by the millions every year, but the AP concentrates on revealing two “secret” spy programs that it allegedly “uncovered with the help of “the Guardian in London.”

            Well, STOP THE PRESSES AND LET ME GET OFF! The world as we know it has somehow changed while we were sleeping (or at least you were sleeping).

            How about this- next Tuesday afternoon, on June 18, 2013 each country's government reveals all of the millions of lies that it has been telling its citizens for years including space programs, fraud, corruption, buying of judges, drug trafficking by government employees, kidnappings, rapes, murders, intentional floodings, earthquakes caused by HAARP in Alaska, Russia, Argentina, and England to name a few. The forcing of Japan's banks to fall under US Federal Reserve control, and oh so many other crimes and misdemeanors committed by the governments and their employees around the world.

            Let us be honest, the greedy, the crooked, the dishonest, and the press all deserve one another. They have little affect on the rest of us normal ordinary citizens that God cares about. Oh, by the way, I bought two Reese's Cups in the Big Size yesterday, but you already know that don't you? Did you hear me flush this afternoon too? Keep on listening guys, a citizen's revolution is coming and it will be hundreds of times worse than anything you have ever seen and you won't even hear it coming. Like a thief in the night the citizens of the world will take their countries back from the elite. God will be on  their side just as he was on the side of Israel in the Battle of Jericoh. I'll bring the Pork and Beans and maybe some Potato Chips and Dip. It should be a good time for all- except the elite of the world that is.

But they have already sold their souls, haven't they? Maybe I'll bring some marshmallows to toast as well. I always liked fireworks, don't you?

            This was written entirely to scare the hell out of the world's governments. Did it work? I would bet that it did. Most of us “regular folk” ignore what the morons in our governments do anyway.  We all know that there is nothing that you can do to us that God Almighty does not allow you to do. We look on politicians and say, “like a stuck turd, this too shall pass!”  All you spooks say Hi! to Casper for me.

If you are in the White House when this is read, just laugh out loud, take the paper and wipe your ass with it. That's what I do with the news releases from the White House. Keep the comedy show alive!

Maybe you could set up a “Bankruptcy” reality show. Oh, you already have! Maybe that's the next “SECRET” that will be revealed by the AP. What, the United States has been paying its debts with fake money? Say it isn't so!



Mark Winkle

Financial, Environmental, and Legal Research Consultant


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