Tuesday, June 18, 2013

If I Was Running the European Union.......

If I Was Running the EU..........



            There would not be a Euro Crisis as there has been for the past four years. Let me tell you why. When I began advising the European Union nearly two years ago almost nobody listened to good old common sense. Now I have your full attention because last year you won the Nobel Prize because you took my advice and cooperated with one another. Every politician and banker was running for the hills crying that the sky was falling! Everyone but me. I take a long look at a company, their assets, and then figure in the most valuable asset that any company can have- honest, hardworking people. I look at whether or not the Board of Directors actually cares about their workers. I look at how the workers are treated, how they are paid, the company benefits, the buildings, the company atmosphere, and whether or not the Board of Directors are benefiting themselves or are they truly benefiting the company. Countries are just huge corporations. Yes, I have advised you to cut government jobs, set up education funds, fund small businesses, tax investments, create a federal reserve banking system with joint government and banking control, created the Euro Bond, the European Treasury, and fueled the dreaded AUSTERITY  (balanced budget). All of these have been good long term advice. Most of you implemented all of these ideas without much question. My batting average of success is close to 98% so far.

            While it is true that we have slowed down the train by cutting off some of its fuel supply, more needs to be done to create a sense of unity in the European Union. Many of the governments of the European Union are lax on tax collection. If I were in charge, I would declare a 10% reduction for those citizens who paid their full tax bill on time and in full. Of course, if you cheat, the 10% plus fines and penalties would become due. If a tax preparer or tax collector helped you cheat, they would pay half of the tax bill, fines, and penalties due for helping you cheat. When you cheat on your taxes, you cheat all of the European Union.

            I would require that the bankers that take risks with other people's money have their money on deposit in the same bank. If the bank fails, the bankers, the bank officers, etc. would forfeit their assets to pay back the loss. Only then would a government Federal Reserve Insurance kick in to pay for the loss. If bankers want to roll the dice, let them start out by risking their own money first.

            Each country of the European Union has some of the best assets in the world. You have some of the best workers, some of the best drinkers, some of the best fighters, but also some of the most crooked politicians and some of the worst crybabies. I know times are tough, but you all come from good stock. If the foundation of a company or country is sound, it can be saved. Dissolve the European Union, NEVER!

            The statesmen that drafted the Treaty of Lisbon were amazing; they only made a few mistakes- One- a unanimous vote on everything? Seriously? If one of you needs to go to the bathroom on the way to a state dinner and one European Union Commissioner votes no, nature still takes its course. I could see the reason behind a simple majority of 51% or even two-thirds, but if 27 women are going out to eat, they will spend an hour deciding where to eat before they even leave. Replace those 27 women with politicians from “different countries” and you have the mess that you are in now. Who decides how to divvy the bill up at the end of the meal?

            Two- too much government is never a good thing. If you disagree, take a look at your history books. The government that governs best governs the least. The giveaway programs have almost killed your economies. Instead of giving away services, lower the taxes and make the services affordable by placing price ceilings on them adjustable for inflation. The cap and trade is good for the environment, but a long-term green fuel supply that has the least environmental impact is a better way to go.

            Three- each country has unused property that its citizens could use for organic gardens. This would give your citizens a sense of pride and accomplishment.

            Four- as most of the debt of the 27 European Union countries is owed to one another, debt consolidation makes sense. While the president of the European Central Bank has taken my advice and cut the interest rate it charges to EU countries and is reasonably controlling price and interest increases from profiteers, a consolidation of the combined debts of the EU countries would eliminate nearly 90% of all of your gross government debt for each European Union country.

            Five- I would start a clean up the EU program which would put people back to work and get them off of the public dole.  Taxpayers make better citizens than loafers do

            Six-. With the help of the banks, I would set up a European Union Small Business Exchange that would make guaranteed loans to small businesses. These small businesses would then hire people who would then pay taxes, which would be used to pay the government debt thereby freeing up that much more capital which could then be loaned out by banks to even more small businesses.

            Seven- I would create a EUROPEAN UNION WIDE advertising campaign touting the strengths of each country of the European Union and instilling a sense of pride and dignity in the citizens of the European Union.  Every country has its good points, its great tourism spots, it honest and hardworking people, and its own style.

            Yes, you are down in the mouth right now. You may be out of work, but tomorrow will be a better day. Tomorrow, we will work together to make the European Union a true democracy where every person is valued and is important to the success of the union. NO, you don't need to drag out the socialist or communist slogans. This is a democracy ran by the people, and for the people, who are decent, honest, hardworking people who will vote out crooked politicians and public servants who will not do the will of the people.

            THE EUROPEAN UNION WILL SURVIVE! I HAVE FAITH IN YOU EU! Yes, of course you can use this slogan at no charge as usual. I would like to at least hold the Nobel Prize that I helped you win last year. I promise I won't pawn it.

            Do you want to feel good about yourself and the European Union again?
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