Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where Have all the Good People Gone?

Where Have all the Good People Gone?


            As I celebrate Memorial Day this year, I wonder where all the good, honest, hardworking people on this planet have gone. The stores are open, even though this is supposed to be a holiday. I guess there is no respect for those departed from this world anymore. There was no parade today either. People were too busy to honor their departed friends, neighbors, and relatives. Too busy planning a family outing, a family picnic or barbecue to stop and remember how we got where we are as a people on this planet.

            Is it too much to ask that we close our stores on holidays to honor the family? Is it too much to ask to set aside corporate greed to sit down among friends and spend quality time catching up with one another. I long for the old days when I was younger. School was almost out for the year. The weather was getting warmer. Baseball season was starting on Memorial Day then, but now, parents don't want their kids playing baseball on Memorial Day.

            Parades not only honored those that defended our country, but the members of our families that have passed on as well. We were reminded that our time on this planet was fleeting. We must make the most of it by helping one another in our times of need.

            In this world of advancing technology, we have found it easier to separate ourselves from one another by hiding behind a cell phone, a television, a computer, or a stereo. If we cannot hide, we make excuses why we cannot spend time with them or help them out of a bad spot. While the problem may be of their own making, we all make mistakes. We are all human.

            Our politicians help themselves to our respective nation's money supplies out of greed and lust for power, never thinking of the damage that their actions are causing on the moral fiber of their country. Our bankers and warmongers ply their trade to make billions at the expense of other people's lives, never once thinking that the life they take might be the life of their own child or a child of a friend or relative.       

            The money wasted on building defenses and weapons would be better spent building bridges between nations. While there are those who hate freedom and honor, there are more people that love these ideals who would gladly die for them around the world.

            If we truly desire world security and world peace, we would sit down with other nations and outlaw nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons altogether. We would outlaw spy satellites and spying on other nations and their citizens. We would become the honorable people we would like to be. Instead of wars, we would strive for win-win compromises that benefit all parties. We would welcome diversity, honor, truthfulness, decency.

            If we are to survive as a species, we need to stop fighting one another over territory, natural resources, and  religious differences. We need to fight together against the depravities on the internet, the death of the innocent, the economic and personeal enslavement of people, profit at any cost, greed, murder by any means including abortion, wars, or attacks upon a person or people as a means of genocide. If we are to survive as a species, we must become moral human beings who think of others first and ourselves second. By helping others, we help ourselves.

            Our ministers need to be morally upright leaders, instead of leaders of cults or sheep. I recently uncovered a religious cult in Fairborn, Ohio. No one dared challenge his authority.  No one knows that he is stealing from the church's future. No one knows that Willie has interfered in other ministries. No one knows that Willie might lose control of his cult altogether. He keeps secrets about the finances of the organization the way that some governments do. No one knows that the prayer minister doesn't want to do outreach. No one knows that the outreach minister doesn't want to do prayer ministry. When I exposed Willie, I was no longer welcome there. He had a gotten case of the “Willies.” The Bridge to morality begins at home. If parents and our leaders won't instruct people as to what is and is not morally acceptable behavior, our courts and our jails will overflow with the results.           

            While there are those that will help others out in times of need, there are Willies who will turn away much needed help out of pride and selfishness. Yes, in the case of a natural disaster, help is overflowing for a while, but who follows up to make sure that those in need don't get the “Willies” and turn away help that is desparately needed?

            The leaders of the world - government, political, judicial, religious, and moral leaders- need to step forward and look in the mirror, judge themselves accordingly and make the moral corrections that are needed to bring back morality and decency to this planet, less they too get the “Willies” and turn away God as well.

            As I asked you before, where have all the good people in this world gone? There is no parade today to honor them- people are too busy planning their own moral destruction. They all have a case of the “Willies.”

            When our world's moral leaders return, maybe then we can honor the dearly departed with the respect that they have earned instead of wasting our money on death and government waste. May God give us strength to do what is right in his eyes instead of turning our backs on what is immoral. Let us work together to rub out immorality and the Willies around the world. We deserve better moral leadership and parades on every  holiday to remind us how dear life is and how honored we are to live together on this planet, if only for a short time in its history.

                                                                                                Mark Winkle

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