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The End of Wars (Treaty Attached) to be Submitted to the United Nations

The End of Wars

by Mark Winkle



          It is a time in history where nearly every country has become quiet and is anticipating the wrath of God Almighty in response to their evil deeds that they have brought upon his children. We are all created in God's image and are his creation. No one can honestly doubt that knowledge with any certainty.

          Wars are a creation of man's greed and desire for power over one another through the use of force. Unless that war was required by God, it is an unholy war. The persons responsible for each war find their selves suffering in Hell separated from God for eternity as a result of their evil deeds. The time of war has passed from mankind. It has brought upon this world the present financial crisis which was created out of greed and lust for power. The lies told by the two Bush administrations, Tony Blair, and many others too numerous to name, caused the wars in Afghanistan (which are being fought over heroin and poppies), and the wars in Iraq and the Middle East. These wars were clearly fought for the oil companies. They were not fought for freedom. Although the military of many countries were misled into believing that these wars were being fought in the name of democracy, only puppet governments have been installed.

          It is time that the truth be told and for our politicians and military leaders to get on their kness and pray for forgiveness from God for the lies and the crimes against God and mankind that they have committed. They are a stain upon the earth if they will not seek the face of God. However, I pray that this letter will open your eyes and their hearts to the truth. I speak the truth because I am a man of God.

          While each person is created with the ability to do much good or much evil several times a day, we are given free will to decide our own path. Therefore, it is inherent upon each one of us to inform our leaders that we no longer desire to be people and nations of war or at war.

          It is time that we devote out time and resources on better things than tearing down or trying to control one another. I understand that this is not going to be a popular message among evil people. However, it is God's will that we stop striving against him and begin working together to make this world a better place for every person to live upon.

          You wonder why our knowledge of the universe is so limited. Blame war and its engineers and the suppliers of weapons of death. Money, time, and efforts wasted on war and the attempt to dominate or control another people/nation has caused more financial loss, economic strife, emotional strife, destruction of harmony and goodwill throughout the world, trust of one another, and a great many other things to long a list to place upon our weary hearts.

          You wonder why mankind has not discovered cures to diseases and plagues, blame war, its engineers, and the suppliers of the weapons of death. The money, time, and effort spent on developing new and faster ways to end life instead of saving life has limited the extent that we can solve these problems. Every disease on this planet has been created by man or has grown as a result of our actions. Take the Black Plague. When cats were thought to be evil, they were killed all over Europe by the millions. Mice and other vermin flourished and spread disease across the land. Aids was created by the World Health Organization and others, as was the Ebola Virus and many others. To what end would we, mankind, create a death virus? For what purpose would such a virus be created? Why does  the military of several nations interfere with the weather of this planet and cause earthquakes through harmonic distortions in the atmosphere? One of these is HAARP which is located in Alaska. A second is in Argentina, and a third is in Russia. I believe there are many more of these evil machines out there. Why would chemical companies willingly produce chemicals of death for profit? What evil lies in the hearts of such people that would live off of the life and death of other people? Such a person is spiritually lost in any religion that claims a higher authority as their God. Such people, therefore must be Godless and therefore unworthy to be followed.

          It is time for the end of wars on this planet. Forgiveness is at hand for the criminals who have taken part in war. The ongoing financial crisis will not end until wars upon this planet end. The current financial curtain will fall and the truth of the financial turmoil and peril that the world is in as well as the truth of its eminent financial collapse. The United States Federal Reserve can continue to print worthless money until time ends and it will not save the world. The New York Stock Exchange and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and many others around the world are being supported by national banks purchasing wothless stocks and bonds with worthless printed money which has no earthly value. It is time for wars to cease on this planet. Too much time and energy has been wasted on striving against one another in the name of greed.



The Treaty of the United Nations for the End of Wars


          It is hereby declared that the end of wars upon this planet shall cease to be a legal means of resolving religious, territorial, financial, legal, or moral disputes. To that end, we, the ambassadors of the United Nations, hereby enter into this TREATY of the United Nations for the End of Wars. To wit, we each agree to the following terms and constraints of this treaty:




Each nation may maintain a military solely for its own defense. That military may not attack another nation past its own borders for any reason. Its sole purpose is to defend its citizens from an invasion of its territory.





Each nation shall contribute to an international peacekeeping force whose sole purpose will be to put and end to the war.

a. crimes committed against civilians (non-combatants) by members of this international peacekeeping force shall be subject to an immediate removal from the conflict and replaced with another peacekeeping military person. The person(s) who committed said crimes against civilian (non-combatants) will be subject to life imprisonment at hard labor at locations throughout the world to be named in the future.




Any nation who willingly begins a war within its own borders upon its own citizens, or upon another country forfeits its sovereignty on that date, and is from that time on subject to international law until a democratic government is voted in by a majority of its citizens.




Any nation, who pursuant to Article III of this treaty, by its actions, forfeits its sovereignty, its military shall be subject to the authority of the United Nations Peacekeeping Defense Operations Office.




To insure that no future advantage is gained either militarily or financially by the agressor nation(s), the agressor nation shall have assessed against its financial accounts damages caused to persons and property as a result of their aggression in the amount of $1,000,000 per person killed and $60,000 per property in United States dollars. In the alternative, the agressor nation may forfeit the lives of its military commanders and soldiers in an equal number to the number killed as a result of their acts of war, beginning with its highest ranking officers at the time of the beginning of its aggression and going downward in reducing ranks of soldiers. In this way, those responsible by the deaths of others, whether those deaths are the deaths of civilians or the opposing militar(ies), an equal number of persons in each warring country would suffer the price of war.




It shall be illegal and considered an act of war to forcibly enlist civilians into a country's military without their personal consent. Any use of threat, coercion, or force to obtain that consent would be considered a war crime under ARTICLE II (a) and would be punished accordingly.




All military actions, by any nation, shall be subject to international law, and therefore, any violations of international law committed by any member of any military of any country shall be subject to prosecution before the International Criminal Court for crimes committed against humanity.




Any nation who is, at the time of the passage and enactment of this treaty by a majority vote of its members, shall be subject to the terms of this treaty under international law, whether that country voted in favor of its passage or not is held to be irrelevant to the enforcement of this treaty.




An International Negotiation Team shall be established with each member nation having one vote and one voice in the resolution of disputes between warring factions and nations. Disputes shall be resolved by a majority vote of the members of the (INT) and enforced by the United Nations Peacekeeping Force, the International Civil Court, and the International Criminal Court who shall have the authority to enforce civil fines, judgments,  imprisonment, property seizures, forfeitures, and other enforcement actions that are either jointly negotiated with the cooperation of the disputing factions or nations or imposed by the authority of this treaty due to the failure of those parties to cooperate in the negotiations held by the (INT).




The findings and rulings of the International Negotiation Team created under this treaty shall be subject to a one time appeal which must be made within ten days of the ruling of the (INT) to either the International Criminal Court or the International Civil Court. The court to which the matter was appealed may either refuse to hear the appeal by

(a) directly refusing to rule on the appeal, or (b) failing to issue a ruling on the appeal within ninety days of the date of the appeal being accepted by the clerk of either court.




The rulings of either International Court shall be binding and enforced forthwith upon all parties concerned in the interest of justice. (See Article VIII). No nation shall directly impede or indirectly impede the enforcement of the rulings of either International Court. Said offending nation shall have its membership in the United Nations suspended and be unable to vote upon any legislation before this body (with the exception of voting to send United Nations Military Troops to enforce a cease fire or to stop an act of war) until such time that it removes any encumberances from the enforcement of the International Court's ruling(s).




The impeding nation shall alsp be assessed a fine of $1,000,000 (one million U.S. dollars) per day that they impeded the enforcement of either or both International Court's order(s).




This legislation shall be in effect upon the application of the signatures of a majority of the ambassadors of the members of the United Nations and shall continue in effect until such time that a majority of two thirds of the ambassadors of the members of the United Nations shall vote to nullify it.



Signed into law this ______ day of ____________________________20__  by the application of the signatures of a majority of the ambassadors of the members of the United Nations.

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