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The Time Exchange A Non-Monetary Economic Syatem (updated April 12, 2013)

The Time Exchange
A Non-Monetary Economic System

The Winkle Institute of Worldwide Economic Stability

Mark Winkle
Financial, Environmental, and Legal Research Consultant

Everyone says that they want equality but they lie through their teeth when they do. I work harder than so and so. I work longer than so and so. I’m smarter, faster, more efficient than, better looking, sexier, skinnier, taller, handsomer, luckier, etc. than anybody in the world, so why am I morally broke?
The great equalizer in this universe is time. We can’t make any more of it. We can’t save it. We can’t profit from it. We can share it. We can lose it. We can lose track of it. We can kill it. We can spend it. We cannot add one more second to our lives than God gives us.
Time is not money, nor is money time. Time is infinitely more valuable than anything in this universe. The Holy Bible tells us that there is a time for everything, including love.
How we spend our time makes us richer or poorer: physically, mentally, spiritually, psychologically, and socially; and determines how we spend eternity, which is a whole lot more time.

How the economic system of the Time Exchange would work:

I. Implementation

a. Pick any start date you like to convert to the Time Exchange Economic System.

b. Accumulate the data of the average monetary wage over the past year worldwide. Example: The International Labor Organization states that the average hourly wage per person around the world in 2010 was $18.59 per hour.

c. Figure the average hourly wage per person on the planet Earth (this will be more difficult than it seems as some countries don’t keep good records).

d. This average hourly wage would be the baseline for survival.

e. Each living person would be allotted this hourly wage for a forty hour week’s work.

f. Those whom are incapacitated, mentally ill, physically ill, and under the age of eighteen, over the age of sixty five, in college earning a degree of higher learning, would be exempt from the forty hour work week.
f (1) Students that are actively pursuing a degree in higher learning would be exempt from the forty hour work week for six months from the date of their graduation. After the six month period has ended, they must either work in their chosen profession as apprentices or helpers, or work in a community service capacity.

g. Upon acceptance of the Non-Monetary System of Time Exchange, all monetary debt, capital, wealth, etc. shall vanish into thin air just as if it never existed.

h. No one will owe another for anything. All paper currency, all coinage, all metals, and all other assets of any kind shall be valued as nil.

  1. For working in their chosen profession, each adult will receive on an account with their government or an international clearinghouse of records, an amount of time credits equal to their contribution to society. Those who chose occupations which require longer periods of education, or place the person in direct or indirect harm of bodily injury or death shall receive a time credit equal to 50 hours per week, plus any time over that length of time at the rate of (150%).

j. (removed).

k. Under this system, every living, breathing, and working person will have what they need to survive. The rest is up to God and themselves to provide.

l. Instead of working to acquire monetary wealth, people will work to make this world a kinder, gentler, safer, friendlier, more equal, more hospitable, more tranquil and educated world society to live in.

m. Those that refuse to work and would rather be a burden to the world society through laziness, or committing crimes against others will be winnowed out. The Bible says that no person should eat for free. If they cannot work, they will be given tasks that they can do. If they can do nothing physical or mental, others will contribute to their care.

n. Each person will receive ten weeks of vacation per year to use as they like. This will insure that there are plenty of tasks and workers to complete those tasks throughout the year.

o. Similarly, that also means that each person must work 1,680 hours per year at their chosen profession(s) to receive their full time benefit.

  1. Wage Information:
The wage information that I will be relying on to determine the average hourly wage per person around the world will be sourced from the International Labour Organization, a division of the United Nations.
While there are many who desire to work, as technology marches forward and the population of the world continues to increase, the number of jobs available will continue to decrease. As a result of these factors, the population of the world must begin to stabilize and then gradually decrease in order to obtain sustainability, both economically and politically around the world.
At the present time, according to the International Labour Organization, the present average wage per person on this planet is $18.59 US. Each Tiered employee would receive benefits according to items (i) and (j) as stated above in the Implementation list (I).
When the Time Exchange is implemented, the number of hours worked by each person can be gradually increased or decreased according to the amount of work available, age, sex, risk factors, skill level, and education level of the worker. These work hour adjustments will occur naturally dependent on the “risk factor and education level increases” coinciding to each job. A central worldwide data base would keep track of the hours worked and the exchange credit available for each person.

These adjusted work hours will also naturally occur as a result of environmental factors, weather conditions, location, and type of work, health of the worker, and other factors to be included as necessary in the future.

III. Taxes:

As there would be no personal income, there would be no basis for government taxation.

The worldwide retirement age would be set at sixty years of age. After that age, work would be done on an as needed or voluntary basis.

* The International Labor Organization, a division of the United Nations, stated that the average hourly wage per person on the planet in 2010 was $18.59 per hour. This will be the baseline for survival.

This is a work in progress. 

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The Rationale Behind the Time Exchange Monetary System
A System of Personal Credit Balances
Based on a Person's Value to Society as a Whole

The Time Exchange Monetary System is an exchange system based on barter. Time in exchange for other goods or services. In the Time Exchange, the paper and metal coinage that we currently used to control each person's destiny in our fiat economies, is removed. The true value of a person's worth to society at large can then be valued based on their individual contribution to our worldwide society as a whole.
Instead of enslaving people, as our present “free enterprise sytem” does, it will free people up to contribute to mankind as they have never committed themselves before. Instead of competing with one another for material goods, we can help our world, by putting that wasted energy into more constructive uses. Instead of filling our bank accounts with useless numbers, which in reality are fabricated through the veil of false economic security. We can apply our knowledge and our initiative to creating a freer society of coexistence for every person that is born on this planet.
Each person has basic survival needs, many which are not being met for nearly one half of the population of the world. There is no need for anyone on this planet to not have enough food to survive, yet, because of the inherent greed of the so called “free” enterprise system, millions of people go to sleep each night hungry, cold, living in desperate situations, uneducated, unwashed, unclothed, and unwanted by the rest of the world because we have not figured out how to make a profit from their misery.
I believe that each person was placed on this planet for a reason. Whether you believe in an all powerful, all loving deity, or not, each person has a purpose for being born into this time on this planet, in this solar system, in this galaxy, in this universe. Since I call that spiritual deity “God,” I believe that God created me for a purpose. I believe that I am fulfilling part of that purpose by writing this paper right now. It I time for a change from an economic system of depression and economic slavery to an economic system that is based on a citizen of this planet's past, present, and potential future contributions to our planet as a whole.
The scientific advances that could be realized in my lifetime, in the next thirty years, would be astounding, if we could take greed and selfishness out of the picture. If our only motivation for solving problems is how much we can personally profit from it, then we are truly a lost generation, not worthy of God's grace or breath of life.
Many years ago, longer than I wish to admit, I met a man in Orlando, Florida whose sole claim to fame was that he had so neglected his family over the years, that he had spent his life working and slaving to acquire money to buy buildings which other companies leased from him. His days were spent counting each nickel and dime that he had squirrelled away over the years, whether he had come by that money honestly or not. I was waiting for a taxi to pick me up when all of a sudden, he drove his car into the driveway where I was waiting and demanded that “I leave his property at once!” Mind you, I was patiently waiting on a taxi at the curb, which was not on his property. He ranted and raved while one of his employees just shook his head. I tried to explain to him the fact that “he owned nothing.” I believe that we are given temporary control over what God allows us to have “control” over and no more. We cannot take it with us. We have no control over what happens to it when we are dead and buried. We don't even control our own lives or the length of those lives. I laughed out loud at the absurd notion that he believed that “he owned all of these buildings.” I calmly explained to him that “he was the temporary custodian” of the properties in question, and that when God decided to take them away from him, he would. I further explained to him that he did not even own his own life. That God could take it away from him at any moment, by not giving him breath. No breathing, no heartbeat. No heartbeat, no brain waves after awhile. No brainwaves, no life. God always wins this dicussion. Sometimes we get a second or even a third or fourth change to get it right this time.
I believe that The Time Exchange is one of those opportunities to change our worlwide society a a whole into a better society that we could ever imagine.
Imagine this, instead of waking up each morning and going to work for a piece of paper that only has a fabricated value, you gladly go to work to help your neighbor, your family, and your friends make this world a better place for everyone that lives on it.
Instead of polluting this planet because it is less expensive that properly treating the wastes of our work efforts, we develop ways to properly and safely dispose of our wastes and reduce, reuse, and recycle what we can from every manufacturing and production process, for the good of the planet and for mankind.
Instead of enslaving people to work in conditions that are sometimes worse than we would want animals to work in, we can educate those same people, give them proper housing, food, clothing, and shelter. Thereby helping to raise them up as citizens of this planet that can contribute to the world, instead of having the world wipe their feet on them.
Instead of having people with no homes, we can build fabricate recyclable homes which can provide shelter from all kinds of weather. Without the profit motive, construction costs (in time increments) would be limited to the acquisition of materials and the construction of the building.
Instead of throwing unsold food away (under our present wasteful free enterprise system), we could exchange that food for time credits. Instead of a small group of people “owning” a company, each employee could take pride in having an equal vote of how the company was ran. Removing the capital investment requirement under the present economic system, would remove the competition requirement as well.
Instead of fearing innovations which free us from manual and/or hazardous assembly situations, we can implement with “human overriding control,” manufacturing systems which will have no negative “economic impact” on employment.
Instead of waiting on a cure for rare diseases because a company cannot afford to spend precious financial resources to find a cure, if you remove the “profit motive” and replace it with the motive to “further mankind,” many cures which have been hidden by greedy companies and many cures which selfish companies choose ot to research, could be discovered in my lifetime.
Instead of spending our lives eeking out survival, we could choose to spend our lives expanding our knowledge of our planet, our universe, and ourselves. We will never improve as a people, if we continue to value one another based on our present fabricated economic system.
Instead of having a justice system that only benefits those who have lied, cheated, and stolen enough money from others to afford another liar, cheater, and thief represent us before yet another liar, cheater, and thief. Is it not TIME to make our justice system truly based on what is fair and equal for everyone regardless of how much fabricated wealth they have acquired? I believe that time is her, and now. It is time for the antiquated notion that those who have lied, cheated, and stolen wealth from others or have been given their wealth from someone who has lied, cheated, and stolen from others, and those whose wealth has been acquired by prostituting themselves or their talents in exchange for money by means of providing entertainement or other limited asset, which was God given, are somehow better than those citizens of this world who have not prostituted themselves for money and/or fame.
Imagine a world where politicians would have no motivation to be corrupt, as it would not benefit them, their family, or their associates. Imagine a world where government employees actually provided a service that would benefit mankind instead of trying to acquire more fabricated wealth.
Imagine a world where there would be advances that would benefit mankind, instead of lining the pockets of a handful of people. Imagine a world where there would be no incentive to go to war against another country to take by force the natural resources that that country's citizens have. Imagine a world where no one went to bed hungry. Imagine a world which was sustainable, because we were wise enough to share with one another the resources that each of us did not need. Imagine a world where there would be no droughts because desalinated water could be processed and piped anywhere, without the prohibition of a lack of money for pipeline construction.
Imagine a world where governments of the world would reduce the loss of life and suffering of their citizens by not warring with one another over natural resources or land, which is not theirs anyway. Imagine a world where weapons of death would not be used in these wars, but that research and technology could be spent creating g a better life on this planet instead of destroying life. Imagine a world where we could not remember when the last war was fought.
The mechanics of the Time Exchange are very simple. One, a worldwide economic meeting of nations would need to meet to adopt the Time Exchange as the new worldwoide economic system. Second, a timeline would need to be established for the three stages of the implementation of the Time Exchange. The first stage would be educating the citizens of the planet how the Time Exchange would work. It would be necessary that every country implement the Time Exchange fully within fifteen years for their citizens to continue to enjoy free trade with the rest of the world. The second stage of implementtion of the Time Exchange would be a simple exchange of monetary wealth into time credits, the elimination of the practice of the transfer of wealth through inheritance, the elimination of ownership of material assets past a given point in time, the implementation of the Time Exchange payment system, and the transfer of time credits to every citizen on the planet's accounts. This takes into consideration the fact that almost every government has almost every citizen in their respective countries already listed on a database somewhere in digital space (computer or other files) listing them as citizens.
The third stage would be the implementation of the social improvements as well as legal protection laws which would make slavery or the use of others to provide forced labor for your person or another crimes punishable by death. If a person steals food or forces someone out of their habitat by force, the punishments must be swift and efficient enough to fit the crime. If a person does not meet the requirements set by the Time Exhange economic system for non-working status, they must work to continue surviving.
Those with psychological problems outside of self-inflicted abuses such as drug abuse and alcohol abuse will be provided for. Alcoholics, drug abusers and other ne'er do wells will be provided two years to rehabilitate themselves into productive citizens of the world society. Those who sell or distribute drugs which cause psychological dependence upon the drug will be strategically removed from the world society and given life sentences without parole. Habitual criminals will be provided one release back into society without appeal. Only by cleansing the world of those who would rather benefit from the sweat of the brows of others' efforts from this world, and creating a safe environment for productive members of society will the Time Exchange benefit the population of this planet.
This document will be continually modified and under construction as new ideas and solutions are added to it. I have tried to make this system amenable to the Holy Bible, and reduce suffering wherever possible. As the earth's population increases, there will be higher unemployment, more stress, and more violent crime as a result of that stress. Only by providing for the needs of every citizen of this planet can we begin to come together as the human race.

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Mark R. Winkle said...

If you are only competing to benefit yourself, what's the point? The present economic system benefits mainly the top 25% of the economy. Meanwhile, people are being subjected to unsafe work places, slave labor conditions, poor health conditions, lack of proper nourishment, and other maladies as a result of Keynesian Economics and greed.
The average hourly wage is $18.59 per hour, in poor countries, they survive on as little as $400 US per year. Why?
Everyone has the God given right to survive, and to contribute to the society of mankind.