Friday, April 12, 2013

Future Forecast- The End of the Corporation and Capitalism 2030-2040

                I'm going out on a limb here forecasting the future. I usually take a massive amount of data that accountants, auditors, and financial asset managers of corporations and countries and find problems with the inner workings and then develop solutions to solve those problems.
                As a result of corporate greed, a lack of corporate conscience, a lack of moral turpitude, local, regional, countrywide,  worldwide negative impact on other members of society, local, regional, countrywide, negative impact on the environment, and a complete lack of regard for other "persons" that co-exist on this planet.

The Problem

                  As  corporate greed has expanded to a point where it cannot be sustained without great threat of the imperilment of the lives of the stockholders, employees, officers, and boards of directors. The threat placed upon the lives of individual citizens of the world cannot I believe, be continued without a revolt of the world's citizenry. No amount of coercion, despotism, militarism, corporate brainwashing, fraud, corruption, lobbying, or other means will enable corporations to survive. They have driven the nails into their own coffins essentially. 

Corporations Must Do the Following to be Good for the World

Corporations must cease and desist in buying political access with politicians;
Corporations must provide a safe and sustainable product or service to society as a whole;
Corporations must be environmentally neutral in its impact;
Corporations must produce goods and products that are safe to use;
Corporations must produce goods and/or services that  cause no footprint on the environment;
Corporations must recycle 98-100% of every product, supply, and imprint on the planet to continue to survive;
Corporations cannot continue to plunder;
Corporations cannot continue to use, abuse, or enslave their workers by economic or other means;
Corporations must have a neutral impact on society, the politics of the world, and the planetary environment to continue to be sustainable beyond the near future;
Corporations must be willing to accept as recyclable items their own products which are no longer wanted or no longer work;
Corporations must create an internal pathology against corruption and negative moral behavior cleansing themselves of non-moral employees;
Corporations must be seized by governments and disbanded for immoral conduct and their employees, officers, and

Changes in Law needed: Politicians take note:

Corporations, their stockholders, their officers, and directors must be made civilly and criminally liable for any violations of civil or criminal law.

Corporations are not "persons" under natural law and will be destroyed unless the above applies to them as well as natural born persons.

Mind you, these are my future forecasts if corporations do not change. Extinction is certain if changes are not made.

Mark Winkle
Financial Consultant
Consultant One

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