Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Basic Survival Skills Lesson in Macroeconomics

                    Step One- Figure out what basic requirements you need for survival. For instance, if you are going camping, you don't need a DVD player, your xbox, your computer, and your flat screen television, a tent, warm clothes, two good pairs of shoes, cooking utensils, water, food, some rope, and a cover or a sleeping bag will do. There will not be room or a use for your refrigerator or your kitchen sink.
                    Step Two- Plan ahead. Where are we going? How do we plan to get there? If that route is closed or is too dangerous, do we have an alternative road that we can take?
                    Step 3- Bring everyone with you. Don't leave anyone behind. They might be the only one that remembers how you got lost. Years ago when my family drove 3,000 across the United States with our family of seven (7) people in the same car for three days straight, my father and mother were not speaking to one another (my dad didn't like to stop at every trinket shop), we stopped at a rest area in New Mexico. Six of us got back in the car. My father, having not heard from my mother for so many hours figured that she was in the car. He did not bother looking across the front seat to see if she was still there. My mother and the Highway Patrolman figured that he left he there on purpose. As we knew our father was mad already, none of us children said a word until my dad asked my mother (who was not there) where she wanted to eat supper. Having repeated his question, he finally looked at the empty passenger seat forty-five minutes after we had left the rest area. My mother was no longer silent. They argued all the way to California. What a fun vacation that was!
                    Step 4-  Keep your wits about you. If the ship is sinking, complaining does not help, bailing does. If you can see the iceberg coming, you are too close. Cut back on the economic engine and steer around the obstacles in your way.
                     Step 5- When you find something that works and is efficient, stay the course but plan for emergencies. We all start this trip of life the same way- screaming for what we want. We all leave the same way- begging for one more second of life. We can't take anything with us- if you do, someone sooner or later will dig you up and steal it.
                     Step 6- Think about what effect your actions and your words will have on others. Many a person, Many a company, and many countries have been ruined by rumors and half-truths.
                      Step 7- Once you "arrive" at your economic destination make yourself useful to those around you. Life is give and take. The takers have taken almost all of the pleasure of giving away. Leave this world better off than it was when you arrived.
                       Step 8- Do no more harm to the environment or other creatures than is necessary for your survival, to do so steals from the future of everyone yourself included.
                       Step 9- Clean up after yourself. If you caused damage, repair it. If you borrowed something, return it. Never leave an economic mess behind for someone else to clean up. You made the mess, it is your moral obligation to clean up your mess.
                        Step 10- Be honest, respect other and yourself, don't cheat, tell the whole truth, and help those that need help. Some day you will need help and the favor will be returned.

The choices you make today affects others tomorrow
choose wisely.

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