Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why is Angela Merkel Interferring in a European Economic Recovery??

              I have been working tirelessly to help the European Union to recover from its economic depression. In the process of solving this complex financial recovery issue, one person keeps getting in the way of a full blown economic recovery- Angela Merkel, Germany's chancellor. Mind you, I am not one to pull my punches, but I would not shed a tear if she were voted out of office in September of this year.
              It is clear that Bundesbank, Germany's national bank is pulling the strings on Ms. Merkel like she is a puppet. While Mr. Draschi of the European Central Bank has been very cooperative in my attempts at bailing out the economic flood waters of the European Union Financial Crisis, the government of Angela Merkel opposed the construction of the EFSB (European Financial Stability Bank), it has opposed debt consolidation (as its political bullying would be stymied), it has opposed unification of the European Union member states into one country for the same reasons, it has also taken credit for my calls for European Union Austerity through Angela Merkel. The present austerity and balanced budgeting was not Angela Merkel's idea, nor the idea of the ECB which had previously permitted annual budget deficits of 3% plus for nearly twelve years running which was one of the main causes of this train wreck. Germany was reducing its budget before other European Union countries, but full scale austerity was not implemented by the European Union until after I advised the European Commission that it was the common sense approach to debt reduction. If you had enacted the second part of my economic recovery plan, you would be digging out of debt by now. Put the interest that you saved on the budget reductions into SMALL BUSINESS LOANS THIS MONTH AND QUIT WASTING TIME DOING IT!
              I would like an independent panel of the European Union to convene an investigation into payments by Germany's banks to Angela Merkel's political party and Ms. Merkel herself. To seek to profit from the economic woes of other Europeans is akin to wartime profiteering and should be a crime against the European Union. The interference of Germany in European Union business must stop.
              This is why I have been ceaselessly demanding that the European Central Bank be moved to a neutral country. If Germany does not want to go along with the majority, it can quietly leave the European Union and take its money with it.
              What is interesting is that Germany does nothing without the approval of the United States. While Timothy Geithner has sufficiently ruined the economy of the United States over the past four years (he finally sold his house), Angela Merkel has succeeded in preventing a full blown recovery in the European Union. By interfering in the Italian presidential campaign.
               It is time to ask Ms.Merkel to step aside and implement the moving of the European Central Bank to Brussels, Belgium or Budapest, Hungary. Even Estonia would be better than Frankfurt, Germany as a location for the European Central Bank.  While the economists of the local New York rag disagree with me (I don't care, either), paying your bills on time is a good thing.
              Austerity = paying your bills on time. Additionally, the Euro zone should be funded by its own Federal Reserve which is cooperatively regulated and controlled by both the European Union Monetary Reserve and the European Union Legislature, not the Bundesbank of Germany. If you truly desire economic recovery of the European Union, you will fix these problems.
               Also, I have noticed that the European Union member states have largely refused to initiate an investment tax (although some have). This investment tax and the interest savings on your reduced debts was supposed to be used to make Small Business loans and student loans which would then stimulate the economy. Maybe you forgot that point or just thought that Germany's advice of debt reduction was enough. It was a two part plan! Debt reduction and jobs creation through student loans and Small Business Loans. Why didn't you listen to me?
              Once again, I work with large economies every day, whether I get paid or not. Obviously, I have no personal investment in whether you recover or not. I do not profit either way if you recover or go into a full blown depression. My advice is sound economics. Waste not- want not. Your economies are in the toilet because of the previous and even ongoing wasteful government spending, fraud, and government corruption throughout Europe. When you get the crooks, cheats, and snobs out of your governments and put them in prison for good, your economies will improve.
              Greece is recovering because it has eliminated tens of thousands of unnecessary government employees and is implementing a tough tax fraud enforcement system. Debts are being reduced all over the European Union. But more jobs need to be created. More Small businesses need to be shored up and other Small businesses need to be funded. How many times do I need to say that?
              While I am a Christian, as is Angela Merkel, she needs to either be more compassionate towards her fellow European Union citizens or get out of politics altogether. Her dealings with Greece were truly mean spirited and unduly harsh (cruel). If you don't usually deal in financial matters larger than your checkbook, let those who do fix the problem.
              The European Union is a partnership after all, not a plutocracy for the wealthy.  When the politicians come down to earth and become servants of the people instead of taking the biggest piece for themselves, then the citizens of the European Union will welcome unifying the European Union. Until that day comes, Ms. Merkel, please stay home and work on Germany's problems and leave the economic recovery of the European Union to the finance ministers and the Financial Consultants like myself, we know what we are doing. You have caused more damage than you realize by interfering in the recovery of the European Union and getting in the way of what is necessary to solve the economic crisis to the benefit of every European Union country including Germany. 

I don't care what you have to say!

I hope they can't see who is pulling my puppet strings !

God needs to help us, I'm in office!

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