Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The The 2013 Winkle Bravery Awards for Common Sense in Applied Economics

 List of Awards

1. The European Union receives a Treasurer's Award for implementing the investment tax on transactions.
2. Great Britain and all non-participating EU member states are hereby nominated to receive a "What are you thinking?" Award instead.
3. The European Central Bank President receives a Medal of Meritorious Service Award for "assisting in the rescue of the European Union."
4. Former Greece Prime Minister George Papandreou  receives a Bravery Award and a Medal of Merit for taking prompt action to rescue Greece in the face of defiance from within his own country.
5. In all humility, I have not given myself any awards, even though my advice was the basis for changes that were made. I will accept payment of $250,000 (tax free) for my advice that has been used to this date.
6. A Bravery Under Fire award is hereby issued to the citizens and politicians of Poland, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, France, Hungary, Estonia, Great Britain, Cyprus, Belgium, Luxembourg, Romania, Lithuania,  and the remaining unnamed European Union nations for implementing austerity measures (budget balancing measures) to reduce their overall GDP to Debt ratios.
7. The European Legislature, the European Union Finance Ministers, the European Council, and the European Commission all are awarded the "Show Me" Award  for taking their sweet time dealing with the Financial Crisis.
8. They are also awarded the "Eventual Award" for eventually taking action to begin to resolve the Financial Problems of the European Union.
9. A Family Award is here given to the European Union for finally working together to resolve their differences and begin taking steps to unify under one banner for the good of every European citizen, including those who are not presently part of the European Union.
10. A nomination has been made for Sudan, Southern Sudan, and Darfur for a Future Family Award
11. An award for Economic Innovation is hereby awarded to Hungary for developing unconventional strategies towards balancing their budget that skirt European Union conventions, but can be easily modified to be in compliance.

Further awards may be issued next year as the European Union consolidates their debts and takes further steps towards unification, and as African nations begin to resolve their differences, both religious and political in nature.

The United States is also nominated for a Decolonization Award for beginning plans to withdraw its military from over 100 (one hundred) nations over the next ten years.

Each award recipient will receive $5,000 in cash when the European Union compensates me for the time and effort that I have put into saving their loose confederation of states.

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