Thursday, February 14, 2013

If I Ruled the World Part 1

This is part 1 of a series. I will add my advice to it as I develop it. You can use it freely for any purpose that you decide to use it for. There is no charge but the time you spend reading this.

If I ruled the world:

 I would gradually decrease the United States money supply by $10 million a day until money market equilibrium was reached.

I would reduce the spending of the United States government by 5% per year and apply the interest saving on Treasury Bonds to job creation through small business loans and grants.

I would restructure the SBA loan program and eliminate preferential treatment for all loans.
I would require all business loan recipients to either have a Bachelor's degree in Business Management or have top management with degrees making the critical decisions for the company.

I would provide tax incentives for venture capital companies to invest in small businesses, such as a write off of one-half of the first year's losses of a start up company.

Every person would be provided competent legal counsel at no cost or at the very least on a sliding fee scale based on their income and net worth.

I would make stock transaction of the governments free of fees.

I would have an open book accounting policy that emphasizes complete honesty with the citizens of the world.

I would have an open door policy for all government activities.

I would shut down all espionage activities around the world.

I would reduce the worldwide prison population with a last strike and you are out of here policy, allowing one appeal within six months before the penalty was enacted.

I would provide funding for rare disease research because it is the right thing to do.

I would provide free sterilization services to any person who desired it.

I would provide free medical "death with dignity" options to any person over the age of eighteen years old.

I would not incarcerate drug offenders, but instead sentence them to two years of rehabilitation and job training.

I would reduce all weapons of mass destruction stockpiles and eliminate further research into war sciences and weapons proliferation.

I would consolidate the 27 European Union member states into one large country and consolidate their military, governments, and economies to make them more efficient.

I would take away nuclear weapons from Iran and North Korea. Threatening other children with your toys is not permissible behavior.

I would institute a one for one war policy. If one person on one side dies, one person from the other side must sacrifice themselves as well.

I would only allow new products to be developed and marketed that are completely recyclable.

I would provide free monetary grants to start up recycling companies that would reduce the amount of refuse that is currently buried under the ground or in garbage dumps all over the world.

I would fund the clean up of the floating garbage islands that are located around the world.

I would outlaw the dumping of non-food wastes by any ship effective immediately and imprison any person involved in the dumping of non-food wastes into any body of water.

I would provide a free bicycle to each citizen to reduce motor vehicle traffic and pollution.

I would eliminate the use of  air conditioning worldwide in both automobiles and buildings of all kinds.

I would limit the interest rates that a company or person could charge to ten percent and penalize by asset reduction (fines) any person or company that exceeded that interest rate.

I would mandate recycling programs around the world until 95% of all wastes generated were recycled.

 I would open the automobile market to non oil based energy sources and seize all copyrights and patents from companies that are withholding energy saving patents from the market.

I would also penalize these same companies the amount of $5 million per day that they refused to release said copyrighted material and/or patents to the public domain. This fine would be directly seized from their bank accounts and the corporate officials jailed until the release was finalized.

I would impose a financial rule that no company official, corporate official, or government employee/official could make more than three times the amount of income than the lowest paid person in their organization.

I would impose a financial rule that all benefits that are provided for any company official, corporate official, or government official must also be provided to every one of their subordinate employees.

I would remove Bundesbank as the main capital source for the ECB and move the ECB to Brussels, Belgium.

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