Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fixing Sudan - A Ten Year Plan updated 2/27/2013

I promised a fellow traveler on the Internet to conduct research and post a ten year plan for the restoration of Sudan, Southern Sudan, and Darfur. While the guns are cooling from the latest border squabble, I believe that it is time to lay down some ground rules which must be adopted and respected by all sides for there to be peace, and a lasting tranquility between the citizens of these three regions.

Ground Rules of Conduct           To be Adopted and  Implemented by March 1, 2013

1. No nation shall raise arms against the other without first attempting negotiations for a period of not less than ninety days with an arbitration panel deciding any disputes.

2. The members of the arbitration panel shall consist of two UN officials, and three officials each from Darfur, Sudan, and South Sudan.

3. A 2/3 vote of the arbitration panel would be necessary  7 out of 11, to make the ruling legally binding upon all parties.

4. All economic matters must be brought before two separate arbitration panels, even if the members of both panels contain the same people, as knowledge increases about a specific matters, minds and decisions also change.

5. If the two arbitration panels decisions are different, a final arbitration panel will be seated with one member of each nation being replaced for the final arbitration panel meets to avoid any airs of conflict or underhandedness by any party.

Now that the ground rules have been established, every citizen should return to their villages, cities, etc. and thank God almighty that another civil war did not start up again. Now go home, spend time with your family and friends. Tomorrow begins a new day in your nation. It is time to begin working together to mend the wounds that each of you have inflicted upon one another over these past fifty plus years.

SECURITY - The first six months

1. Each nation should establish a one mile security zone and border patrol which will also provide for safe passage of unarmed civilians of any of these nations to pass freely without harassment between nations to conduct personal and commercial business.

2. Identification cards shall be issued to each citizen of each country, which will provide for an efficient accounting of each citizen's needs, establish their citizenship, and provide for a more efficient accounting for international relief purposes.

3. Each nation shall reduce the stockpile of all weapons, including those held by civilians by 10% per month for the next six months as well as the supply of ammunition.

4. The three separate nations shall not obtain weapons from any other nation outside of the conflicting nations.

Economics- the first  two years

1. An economic recovery commission shall be established with the participation of the IMF, the UNHCR, the EU, and any other interested government or non-government organization.

2. The primary goal of the Economic Recovery Commission will be to insure that the treaties are enforced and that economic recovery is expanded into the farthest reaches of each country/nation and to every citizen of those nations equally regardless of their economic status, religion, sex, age, or other means of discrimination which may be used to deprive them of their economic human rights. 

3.Clean drinking water wells must be provided for every village in each nation within the first year. This is essential to both the health and sanitation needs of the citizens of each nation. Clean drinking water can also be used for irrigation purposes for organic produce and the watering of animals.

4. Every family must be provided with free seeds to plant for food only for the next two years to give each citizen their best opportunity of survival.

5. Each family shall be provided with one milk cow, a bull, and two goats, one male and one female, all of breeding age to provide milk and for future animal stocks.

6. Each village shall be built a school and shall be provided with two teachers who will educate the citizens of the village in language studies, sanitation, economics, geography, science, and other course work to be decided at a later date. 

7. The placement of teachers shall be made as soon as possible to begin the education of the citizens of each country and all ages, in all subject areas through both day school for children and night and one weekend night (allowing for religious observances) for adults.

8. Books shall be provided for each student to learn at school and at home. This will increase the level of learning that each student obtains from their classes.

9. A church or other religious building shall be built by the villagers of every village to accommodate those citizens who desire to express their thanks to God for bringing them through these trying times.

10. Economic emissaries shall be sent into the neighboring nations of each nation of the trio to which this plan is offered to establish trade between the citizens of every village of each nation and the villages and cities of other nations. This will establish a means of trade and commerce for the citizens of each nation.

The next two years- years two through four

1. The trade of goods between the nations to this agreement will begin open trade with one another under a set of established rules which will be set down as trade agreement which will be negotiated in the presence of at least two neutral parties that are not signatories (parties) to the trade agreement.

2. The establishment of a trade agreement between the three governments will decrease hostilities between them if fair and honest trade is established.

3. Over time, as temperatures cool and wounds heal, a more permanent trade agreement may be established between the parties to this agreement.

 Years Five and Six

1. Such a unilateral trade agreement could be negotiated in years five and six to assist in improving the commerce of the region.

2. To establish both political and economic stability to the region, all war criminals shall turn themselves in to the ICC to be judged  as soon as possible. Only by doing so, and accepting responsibility for their actions can old wounds heal.

3. A central bank should be established by this time as well as a national treasury. Treasury bonds should also be made available to increase capital that is available for commerce. Ideally, the central bank should be established as soon as possible, but due to the instability of the area, it might not be possible to establish one before this time.

 Years Seven and Eight

1. Now that the wars are over, the criminals are being served justice, a national treasury has been established and commerce is growing, it is time to establish tertiary schools of education such as a college or two to educate students in the arts of engineering, business, and other sciences to build the economy of the future of the country.

2. A revised revenue sharing plan should have already been in place to insure equal distribution of all natural resources, regardless of their geophysical locations. This will insure the survival of the maximum number of citizens in each of the three countries.

3.With the assistance of the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund (World Bank) to issue small business loans to each village (for them to act as a co-op). This would help them get seed loans (no pun intended), to plant crops and build trade with other villages and other nations.


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