Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Dreamed a Dream of What Life Could Be..........

Well, we have stabilized the European Union for now, and the politicians have taken credit for all of my hard work figuring out these massive problems. Greece is still rioting about having to pay their bills and not planning ahead for the future.

When I started this archive blog, I meant it to be a storage space for ideas, thoughts, queries, and I knew the consequences of my advice. I knew I would probably never get paid by the European Union, the dignitaries, the politicians, or the newspapers. I knew that I had gotten your attentio when Reuters News Service first published my Economic Stability formula as well as my podcast. It has been a nice long run. But, I can no longer do this for free. It takes too much mental preparation, long nights alone, and reading thousands of pages of dry boring economic nes and charts every month. If you want to to continue, I will have to be paid. I will hve to be acknowledged as the person responsible for the current austerity, and the recovery of the European Union. The Eurobond was my idea. The European Union Treasury, the European Union Monetary Reserve, and the plan to unify all of Europe into one large country, as well as the plan to disassemble the House of Lords, the investment tax, and many others- all my ideas.

It time to move on a finish putting the DREAM into place. It is time to Unify Europe once and for all!


My posts have been carefully watched by over 160 countries around the world. I have advised the IMF, the UN, the EU, Mitt Romney, The EU Commission, the EU Dignitaries, the EU and International Press, and millions have heard or read my words........ because, I dreamed a Dream of what life could be.........


I drafted the Proposed European Union Constitution, I drafted the Proposed United States Constitution, and then...........


I dreamed of a world of equality.
Not the artificial kind that we have in the United States, real honest to God equality. No rich, no poor, no starving, no homeless, no huddled masses, no economic slavery, no race discrimination, no sex discrimination, no age discrimination, and no taxes. 
You see, I had to dream big because the problems facing us in the future need dreamers to solve them. 
I dreamed a dream of life worth living........
I dreamed of what life could be...................

I developed over two long weekends of nearly fifty hours the Time Exchange. The most revolutionary non-monetary economic system in this planet's history. It has been seen by tens to hundreds of thousands of people since I first posted it here and on my other blog  
which offers free money saving advice. 
I used to do a free ITunes podcast under the same name but it never really got a good audience. It is still up and I pay the folks at my $5 a month to host it. But the time it takes me to come up with material, record it, edit it through Audacity,  and the post it to two different places on the internet is just too much to do with a full load of college courses. So, if you get ITunes, look up real money from pocket change. Good on ya! 

So, now, on to my dream!  
 I developed The Time Exchange A non-monetary economic system that can be implemented in less than a week! Yes, a week! There are some questions that have come up in my thoughts that I need your help with though. I don't often ask for help in fulfilling my dreams. I always practiced the idea that if you want something done right, you do it yourself! But, I'm not in charge of this planet, we all are. Not the wealthy, the poor, the welfare, the hungry, the starving, the liars, cheats, politicians, the radicals, the nuclear nuts, the environmental crazies, or anyone else but .......,. YOU! 

So, I am asking for your help in resolving some of the social issues that will need to be addressed if the Time Exchange is implemented......

a POLL is posted on this blog (somewhere) please take the poll, answer the questions honestly. 

And if you want me to keep posting ......
support me financially until the Time Exchange is in place, Mark Winkle PO Box 195 Athens, Ohio 45701. 

It is TIME for a Change in How We as a World Conduct Ourselves
Won't You Share My Dream?

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