Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Spirit of Laws for the European Union

Let me take you back to 1745 to the days of the Baron De Montesquieu.

The Law of Nations

 Volume 1, Page 6 The Spirit of Laws:
Printed for P. Dodelsley, R. Owen, and other Booksellers: London
1794 Edition

             The law of nations is naturally founded on this principle, that different nations ought in time of peace to do one another all the good they can, and in the time of war as little harm as little as possible,without prejudicing their real interests.  

        As every country reaching maturity, it looks back on its successes and its failures. What have we left undone that can still be remedied? I see a multitude of sins committed in these past four years in the name of national pride. You are the best that Europe has at this time as far as people, freedoms, technology, fairness, rational thinkers, and many other characteristics that I admire. But, there is one quality that I do not admire, and that is selfishness or retribution. Okay, two qualities.

        Greece is still suffering at the hands of the German controlled European Central Bank. The ECB is collecting interest on debt that they partially caused. Had they helped Greece from the beginning, they would not have foundered so hard. They imposed stricter sanctions on the wages of the workers of Greece, holding them hostage for the fraud and corruption of the government. This was not fair or rational. 
        What you need to do is refund the interest that the ECB has collected back to them to be used for Small Business Loans so they can regenerate their economy.  

        The United European Union has the opportunity to be a great nation. But, until you put the past behind you and forgive one another your faults, you will forever be mired in the past and will not move forward. The world will pass you by as you complain and grumble about one another. 

My Advice to you: Either help one another with every ounce of your humanity, or leave the European Union. If you are not fully committed to making the union fair and balanced, you are dead weight, like chains around the ankles of the citizens whose ancestors you will not forgive for one slight or another.

As for Spain, reduce the Austerity to a minimum. Direct the government to implement a policy of a Moratorium on Foreclosures for every property owner that pays at least one half of their full mortgage (if they are unemployed or not working full time.) When they are employed full time, they will have ten years to catch up the payments. This will stabilize the mortgage market as well as stabilize the property values. It will drastically reduce the number of homes foreclosed on. 

Direct the banks in Spain to issue Small Business Loans as quickly as possible to regenerate the economy. 


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