Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Are You Willing to See Your Dreams Die?

Are you ready to save the European Union? 
or Are You Willing to See the Dream Die While You Think of What Could Have Been?
How Not to Solve a Financial Crisis
by Mark R. Winkle, Financial Consultant Extraordinaire

               The hardest part of being a consultant is watching the people that you are advising argue over making the decisions that all of you know are necessary to peacefully resolve a matter to the benefit of everyone concerned. Egos get in the way. Pride steps forward and punches grief. Grief shoves Truth. Truth won't stand to be bullied by anyone, so it reveals itself to the entire world and is laughed at. Truth, then boils over with anger and seeks revenge on those who laughed at it without regard to the collateral damage that its actions might have. Truth runs into the room and exposes the fears of everyone present by stating the obvious. Truth squeezes Facts and Figures into Statistics. Statistics blind Financial Ministers eyes. The Finance Ministers dance around the Legislature unable to see the "big picture." The Legislature holds meetings into the night discussing what dance move the Finance Ministers were making and to what "music" they were dancing. They decide to hold an inquiry and call the government auditors as witnesses. The auditors speak a different language and have forgotten to bring their interpreter, the Statistician. The Statistician emails a Financial Consultant in the United States, an incredibly long winded statement of the financial accounts of the crisis at hand. The Financial Consultant reads every syllable of every page. He looks at, and interprets every table, chart, and statistic in the document and develops a long term approach to resolving the matter. His approach is based on establishing Economic Stability across the region. He pours Truth into every word of advice that he writes, cutting to the heart of every new question that is posed to him. He submits his advice sparingly to only a few key people at first to test whether his long term approach will be accepted. It is. Every few weeks another minor crisis occurs. He is bedeviled as to why these "clients who have yet to compensate him" cannot seem to work together for the benefit of everyone. Everyone seems to want to end up on top. They can't see that sitting on top of a mountain is not a healthy place to be.
            As new crises unfold, more people were added to the Financial Consultants' email contact list (presently over fifty people). It was  over 100 at one point.  They look at what he recommends and begin to mold his "Truth" to their own advantage. In the process, Truth cuts both of the politician's  hands. Life runs out of their hands and is covered with Love and Understanding. The politician is taken to the hospital to have their Honor restored to them. Dr. Respect treats the wounded politician and tells them, "Truth cuts both ways. The writer knowingly wielded his words in such a way that TRUTH could not be changed no matter how much you tried to change it."  The writer hoped you understood this when he gave you his most HONEST words to LIVE by.
            A UNION is a joining of both HEARTS and MINDS for the mutual benefit of those that are part of that UNION.

Now, I said that to ask you this:

Please have your Legislatures, Commission Representatives, and your Finance Ministers meet next month to discuss, amend, and adopt the Proposed Constitution of the United European Union (or whatever you want to call it). You can even name it after me. 

If you do, I want an advertising campaign where people say,
"I'm going to Winkleland!, 
Where dreams never die!"

Seriously, have that meeting soon! 
I would hate to read that you have become the European ONION (that makes the world cry).  

If you don't want to work together to solve this problem, at least adopt the European Treasury, The European Financial Reserve (jointly controlled), and EUROBONDS. Thank you for listening. 
Now, go and what needs to be done. Meet until you resolve your differences and decide to work together. 

I will be waiting for your call (937-926-2198) or (937) 831-8119  USA , a diplomatic plane, and a check to cover my services.  

Mark R. Winkle
Consultant One

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