Friday, August 29, 2014

What is NATO's Next Move? Will They Step Up or Run Away and Hide?

             I hate to say it, but I TOLD YOU SO! There, that felt good! I was going to go on vacation next week since it seems that all of the State of Ohio hate male teachers. I have had 17 interviews in front of feminists who have taken over the schools in Ohio and I knew walking in that I would not get the job. It is time for Ohio to demand better by making a law that every school has an equal number of both male and female teachers.

               Now back to my advice on Ukraine. You cannot soft pedal Vladimir Putin. The assinine, yes you read right, the ASSININE wimpy sanctions of the European Union and the United States has given Putin the idea that he can do whatever he wants. Will Putin use nuclear weapons? Doubtful. He knows that most of Russia would be wiped out and then broken up into smaller countries. Russia's missile defense system is not that accurate either, despite what they would have their citizen's believe.

               I find it interesting that Russian news is telling the truth while Russia diplomats are still lying to their citizens. You would think that Putin is taking bets on how many of his country's soldiers will die in Ukraine. At least if they die, he will not have to pay them. Wouldn't it be funny if his soldiers refused to go to war with Ukraine?

             So, what is NATO's next move? Well, as I said before NATO needs to adopt Ukraine as a member and then President Poroshenko can ask NATO to active Article IV and V of the NATO Treaty. Then NATO needs to send troops into Ukraine with President Poroshenko's permission and at his request. Will people die? Yes, some will, but sending NATO troops in at this early stage will save the lives of hundreds of thousands in the future. Taking no action, like NATO has since February of 2014 has created this fiasco.

             We always knew that one of Russia's leaders would be a nut job when NATO was created. Putin suffers from Delusions of Grandeur Disease. He  wants to be Joseph Stalin, but unfortunately for Putin and Russia, this time around, Russia will be over run by the United Nations and broken up into smaller non-nuclear countries. In the next three years, Russia will cease to exist as a country as NATO and the United Nations create a siege around Russia. China will not intervene regardless of their joint action treaty signed last year with Putin. China will not take on the rest of the world with Russia. That would mean the death of China as a country and the imprisonment of the Chinese oligarchy.

            As I have repeatedly said, Ukraine will be Russia's Alamo, Waterloo, and Little Big Horn rolled into one. Unlike Afghanistan, Ukraine is ready to fight Russia, While our wimp of a president cannot even change his diapers without his wife's permission, Ukraine is ready to defend its sovereignty to the last breath. Putin thinks that the European Union and the United States will stand by while Russia pulls another Georgia attack, but he is deadly wrong.

             This is Russia's last hurrah if they invade Ukraine. NATO will be perched on Russia's doorstep aiding and abetting the destruction of Putin's criminal enterprise from within. Considering the fact that  Russians effectively had no choice but to vote Putin back into office as a result of rigged elections and the jailing of his competitors. Russia even videotapes protesters. Imagine being arrested for protesting the arrest of another protester and poof! you're in Russia, land of no rights, freedoms, or privileges.

              Would it be difficult for Russia to be overthrown from within? No. There are many replacements standing by to replace Vladimir Putin. He cannot possibly send all of his generals and officials to Siberia and other prison camps. There has been many active discussions and campaigns within Putin's own inner circle about assassinating him, but so far, no direct action has been initiated. The next two rounds of stimulus, er, I mean laxative, I mean sanctions will bring many of Putin's enemies into the streets.

             It is my belief that Putin will make many missteps within the next two weeks and that NATO will actually find its balls for once and stand up for Ukraine's right to be free from tyranny. The next two months is a game changer. If you want to know what I have seen happen, email me at 

otherwise, you will have to read it in the papers like everyone else.

Let me just leave you with this, Russia's days of beating up on smaller countries is over. An ass whipping like no one has seen before will befall Russia if they invade Ukraine. A land and air siege will be put into place and Russia will not receive any freight of any kind for ninety days plus at a point in the future timeline.

            European Union, plan for a long cold winter without Russian natural gas. United States, gear up the Pacific fleet to keep China at bay and the Atlantic Fleet should moving towards the Black Sea in a week or less. Take back Crimea and the war will end. Until then, a frozen war that will cut Russia off from the world so far that they will be eating their dead will begin. And no, Putin is not the Anti-christ you idiots. The end is far from near. By the time this next action of the United States and NATO ends Putin will wish he had never been born.

            Consider this fact: the world was four military actions short of peace until Russia invaded Ukraine and Russia aided Syria.  Strategically, Russia will be divided from within by its own people long before NATO takes over Moscow next year. The United Nations needs to stand ready to enact Protocol.

            If I might be so bold to state that Vladimir Putin, Dictator of Russia has violated the Nuremberg Principles to wit:

In 1950, the Nuremberg Tribunal defined Crimes against Peace (in Principle VI.a, submitted to the United Nations General Assembly) as
(i) Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances; (ii) Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the acts mentioned under (i).

Vladimir Putin and his generals have clearly violated the Nuremberg Principles and the United Nations Charter.

Legal Remedies to Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

 It would seem to me that a vote could be taken by the UN Security Council to suspend the membership of Russia under Chapter 2 Article 6 and to suspend Russia's veto power on the UN Security Council as well before the membership sanctions vote was taken. I believe that this could be done pursuant to the legal precedent created by Russia and China in the removal of Taiwan from UN membership when Taiwan was the UN Security Council member. Only a majority of the P5 members would be required to remove Russia's Permanent member veto power. Once the veto power was removed from Russia, it would be a simple matter to either suspend Russia's UN membership or to expel them altogether.

United Nations Charter

The first article of the United Nations Charter says:
The Purposes of the United Nations are:
  1. To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace, and to bring about by peaceful means, and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace;
  2. To develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples, and to take other appropriate measures to strengthen universal peace;
The interdiction of aggressive war was confirmed and broadened by the United Nations' Charter, which states in article 2, paragraph 4 that
All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.

Article 33

The parties to any dispute, the continuance of which is likely to endanger the maintenance of international peace and security, shall, first of all, seek a solution by negotiation, enquiry, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, judicial settlement, resort to regional agencies or arrangements, or other peaceful means of their own choice.
The Security Council shall, when it deems necessary, call upon the parties to settle their dispute by such means.

Article 39

The Security Council shall determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression and shall make recommendations, or decide what measures shall be taken in accordance with Articles 41 and 42, to maintain or restore international peace and security.

Article 51

Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security. Measures taken by Members in the exercise of this right of self-defence shall be immediately reported to the Security Council and shall not in any way affect the authority and responsibility of the Security Council under the present Charter to take at any time such action as it deems necessary in order to maintain or restore international peace and security.

In light of Russia's repeated violations of the United Nations Charter it is laughable that in his visit to China this week that Putin said, "Russia and China have been actively advancing the idea of a new security architecture and sustainable development in the Asian-Pacific region, based on the principles of equality, respect for international law, the principle of the indivisibility of security and the non-use of force or threats to use force."

The continued partnership between Russia and China does not bode well for the rest of the world as China continues to harass its neighbors and to threaten the United States.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

You Don't Negotiate With Terrorists European Union and NATO; and Vladimir Putin is a Terrorist

          I disagree with the upcoming negotiations between Angela (I'll but in anywhere I want) Merkel, France's President Hollande, Ukraine's President Poroshenko  (oligarch and Chocolatier), and possibly a stooge or two from the United States.
          Isn't it obvious that you do not negotiate with criminals and terrorists? Isn't is obvious that Vladimir Putin illegally invaded Ukraine, that he illegally had troops and advisers infiltrate eastern Ukraine, that he has continuously provided weapons and soldiers to eastern Ukraine, and that every word out f his mouth is, has been, and will continue to be lies?
           Was it not illegal under international to invade Crimea ad take its 2-3 million people hostage? Was it not illegal for Russia to shell Ukraine from its side of the border?, and yet,  her lowness, Germany's answer to the witch in Hansel and Gretel wants Ukraine to allow eastern Ukraine to be able to form their own countries? Are you serious? Does Angela Merkel have the hots for Vladimir or what?
            Consider these facts: By now, most of the "humanitarian aid" has been confiscated by the separatists of eastern Ukraine from the citizens who need it to survive. After all, they have looted nearly all of the valuables from each city's citizens already. Why should they stop there? Why not allow every citizen to leave, you ask? Well, it's like this, the chickens need someone to hide behind because they are not man enough to fight only the other soldiers, they have to kill people standing at bus stops ad grocery stores too.
             I find it interesting that Vladimir Putin is negotiating on behalf of the separatists who are not Russian citizens. I also find it interesting that Poroshenko would negotiate with the person who started the war and still illegally hold captive part of his country.
             The people that Poroshenko should be talking to is the European Union and NATO, not the nurse maid of German politics. Angela Merkel is not looking out for the European Union as a whole; she is only looking out for Germany's interests just as she has since she was first elected.
              Why would you negotiate in Minsk, Belarus, when Belarus and Kazakhstan both betrayed every other former Soviet state by joining Putin's Eurasian Union in late May of this year? A friend of my friend can be my friend, but a friend of my enemy cannot be my friend, and cannot be trusted to be faithful, loyal, or trusted period. They will always be faithful to their own best interests. Unfortunately that is the true nature of mankind.
               What President Poroshnko needs to be concerned with is being pushed into a corner. He needs to stand up for every citizen of Ukraine and demand that Russia stay out of Ukraine;s internal affairs. He needs to stick to his guns and demand that every Russian military adviser (as well as spies and agents), soldier, and naval personnel leave Ukraine within thirty days or be subject to arrest as a war criminal (which they are). He needs to stand up to Grandma Merkel and say no to her ideas of federalism and demand that the European Union stand with Ukraine against their Russian invaders. POROSHENKO NEEDS TO DEMAND THE RETURN OF CRIMEA TO UKRAINE!
               In fact, I would lead off with that demand if I were him. If Putin does not agree to return Crimea to Ukraine unconditionally, I would walk out of the negotiations. This is a litmus test for Vladimir Putin. Will he admit that he overreacted out of a childish temper tantrum and return Crimea, or does it need to be taken back by force?
               President Poroshenko needs to realize that Belarus is not neutral ground. It is the land of a traitorous band who betrayed the rest of Europe by joining Russia's bully and war criminal and still provides aid and comfort to their enemy. They are not to be trusted one bit.

               This is the most important negotiation that President Poroshenko will ever attend. If he fails to demand the return of Crimea, his presidency is doomed and he will be seen by the world as a failure. I will certainly judge him to have failed if Crimea is nor returned to Ukrainian control within the next thirty days.
              Poroshenko needs to realize that the United States and the European Union stand firmly behind him, even if Ms. Merkel does not. I would not negotiate away the rights or the control over any part of Ukraine including eastern Ukraine and Crimea which Merkel suggests with her thoughts of federalism in eastern Ukraine. Chancellor Merkel has long interfered in the affairs of the European Union as she only speaks for Germany. In fact, her government banned a video of a proposed Constitution for a United European Union. In fact, Germany, and Merkel's government is the only government that has directly interfered in the rescue of Greece, the unification of the European Union, the EFSB which authorized the European Central Bank to make loans to the other European Union countries, and many other acts which have interfered in the economic recovery of other European Union countries.
              Angela Merkel's participating in these negotiations, not on behalf of the German citizens, but on behalf of the German bankers who financially support her political party.

So what would I agree to, if I were President Poroshenko?

              What I would allow is the safe passage of any separatist or Russian speaking Ukrainian to leave Ukraine for good and to never return- ever. Leave your properties and weapons behind and get out and do not come back! Uydi otsyuda! 

 Eastern Ukraine Separatist's Song:
(Unofficial Version)

President Porohenko, keep Ukraine together, but give Crimea autonomy 

Friday, August 22, 2014


                It is time that the wimps at NATO and the European Union engage the enemy of their friend. As I wind down my consulting because it is not appreciated and because some people are using it for their own greedy purposes strangling the life out of the working class in Europe I have noticed (and I am sure that  Putin has also noticed) a vacuum of leadership and massive hand wringing of both NATO and the European Union. If you want Ukraine, you have to defend Ukraine against the bully Putin and his criminal thugs.
               You need to snatch victory out of his jaws with such brute force that he knows that his every breath will determine whether Russia is carved up into smaller countries after this crisis or not. Standing at the crossroads on the Bridge over the River Styx I have realized that this war is about nothing but Russian pride, nothing more, nothing less. Even though every act by Russia has been a violation of international law, the propaganda machines in Russia continue to spew filth and lies.
                The illegal invasion of Crimea, the sending in of troops and military advisers as well as tanks, missiles, and armored vehicles are acts of war.
               I would sit Putin down in a comfortable chair and serve him a cold glass of bitter lemonade, as bitter as possible and tell him in terms that he can understand that the European Union and NATO will no longer sit on the sidelines and watch him violate international law. I would give him 24 hours to remove all of his troops and equipment from Ukraine and then cease doing business with Russia altogether. No food, no clothing, no ships, no fuel purchases, no oil purchases.
                I would drop NATO and European Union troops at the Russian border and behind Russia's convoy of "humanitarian trucks" and escort them peacefully out of the country of Ukraine. I would capture every missile battery firing on Ukraine troops inside of Ukraine and I would target weapons towards Russian weapons placement and inform them that firing their weapons would constitute an act of war against NATO and the European Union.
                 I would then send troops to liberate Crimea from its Russian invaders and escort every Russian military member out of Crimea. Unless you have balls you have no right to be a military commander. This war was started by Vladimir Putin and his rebellion against international law must be put down once and for all before this war escalates into a Ukrainian invasion.
                 If NATO and the European Union do not step up and defend Ukraine, their friend in need, NATO needs to disband and crawl away and let communism by a dictator run the world.

                The price for Ukrainian crops and natural resources is the European Union and NATO standing toe to toe with Ukraine against Russia. If you do not stand up to Putin now and take back Crimea, WWIII is just around the corner. The asshole will not be satisfied until Russia is restored to its former state of enslaving people and countries for the benefit of the oligarchy.  The small part of Georgia that Russia took years ago was just a test of your tolerance of Putin's bullying style.

                 If you want a democratic European Union you need to stand together against tyranny at home and abroad even if your lifestyle is changed.

                 Russia needs to be broken up into smaller countries by United Nations mandate and no former Russian country can ever own nuclear weapons, death rays, etc. If you do not pull the bear's teeth now the bear will continue to cause trouble.

                 It is time for that wimp in the White House who refuses to meet with me or to hire me to find his balls and to stand up to the bully in Russia as well.

 It is time that the world was at peace and that can only happen if Russia and China are brought before the World Court and ordered to comply with international law instead of instigating wars with other countries.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Look What They've Done With My Advice Ma!

              As an international consultant, my advice is read around the world. It is balanced and fair. I try to balance the needs of every country and every citizen in each country equally. I receive no thanks of any kind from any government, no monetary compensation, no accolades, no trips, no invitations, no awards of any kind. I cut both sides equally and they both bleed the same amount. The truth is the truth is the truth.
              In this unjust world we have the haves and the have nots. The haves want all that they can get despite the suffering and the needs of the have nots. In the past three years, the partial application of my advice to the European Union and the United States has been used to benefit the haves at the expense and detriment of the have nots. I can no longer in good conscience offer my expert advice on any issue while the oligarchs of this present political climate remain at the helm.
              The Council on Foreign Affairs must be disbanded in its entirety as must the Bilderberger group and the infamous Tri- Lateral Commission. The new world order must be fair, even minded, even handed, and mutually beneficial to each citizen on this planet, else I will no longer provide my expertise to resolve its many problems. It can sink slowly into the quagmire that the wealthy's souls have sunken into.
               I now know how frustrating it was for John Nash to bring forth his Theory of Equilibrium. Human nature takes over and some people think that they deserve more than the next person, but for them to get more, means that someone might or will do without any. The morally lost walk this planet, and they are called educated, wealthy, and rich- but they are the poorest souls of all. They are morally bankrupt. They take, but they give nothing back. They survive on the efforts and the advice of others. Millions have benefited from my kindnesses, my unsolicited and solicited advice, given freely without cost. I can no longer stand idly by and provide advice that is not taken because it would not benefit the upper echelons of power or class of this world.
                Here, in the United States, a federal magistrate has consistently interfered with two court cases in which I am the plaintiff. The magistrate has been investigated by numerous government agencies as a result of my claims that I witnessed him accept a cash bribe, but our attorney general and the presiding judge have covered up these crimes of the magistrate.
                My attempt to change careers has been blocked by Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. They interfered with my courses, my choice of Master's degree programs, and finally the completion of a TESOL Teaching Endorsement. They have also interfered in my obtaining a job teaching in the State of Ohio.
                  I have placed in excess of three hundred applications and resumes in the job market. I have had twelve job interviews. Someone is pulling the strings, as I have received no job offers. Once prospective employers see that I am not a young college graduate, but a wiser, older 55 year old qualified teacher, author, and international consultant, they hire a young inexperienced female as a teacher instead.
                  I know the job market is tough, but at least one out of three hundred open teaching positions should be mine. I can teach with the best of them. I am smart, flexible, tolerant, kind, considerate, helpful, and most of all - patient. I understand the difficulties of being a student. I have studied people all of my life. I understand the human psyche. I try to motivate people to do what is best for everyone, including themselves.
                 By looking at the big picture instead of just focusing on our own needs, we can make this world a better place for everyone to live. But, the oligarchs of this world don't want a better place for everyone, they just want a better place for themselves to live.
                 Take the present uprising in Ukraine for example: Had NATO really wanted Ukraine as a full fledged member, it would have sent in peacekeeping troops already. Russia's troops and advisers could have been routed or captured, but NATO is ruled by the same oligarchs that have made a mess of implementing my advice concerning the Economic fiasco of the European Union. Rather than stop the fighting in Ukraine, it seems that NATO's standing on the sidelines can be compared to England watching as Hitler invaded Poland.
                 There comes a time when all good men must do what is fair, right, and decent and stand up for the rights of every person on the planet, and not just those of the wealthy, who do not deserve their upper class status as they act more like farm animals than human beings. I know that this post will not be popular, but it will be read and understood by those more important to this world than the oligarchs who are ruining it by their infighting and attempts at dominance of the less fortunate of this world.

                 Where are all the small business loans and education loans that I said were mandatory to a strong economic recovery of the world's economic engine? It has been two years people since the recovery began and yet- the bankers of the world still cling tightly to the purse strings of the cash flow of the world's economy. It is obviously intentional, as Greece, while it is recovering and has finally issued new treasury bonds, should have had its debt wiped out by now by the European Treasury- ohm but you say, "There is no European Treasury."  And, why isn't there? Obviously, the European Union needs a central treasury to control the European Central Bank, but wait,  the European Central Bank now controls only the small and mid-sized banks of the Eurozone. The "too big to fail banks" have escaped regulation, and interfered with the creation of any regulatory oversight agency or authority, it is no wonder why the economy of the European Onion, yes ONION is stagnant.
                It brings tears to my eyes to see how thwarted my advice has been and how it has been manipulated to benefit those oligarchs and crooked wayward politicians yet in power. I thought you really wanted the European Union to succeed as an economic and political power and as the first "true democracy" on this planet, but- I guess I was wrong.
                The silver and gold markets are manipulated, the bond markets and treasury markets are manipulated, where is the balance of the free market in all of this? When the people in the board room produce nothing, but get paid hundreds of times more than the highest and most skilled employees that actually make the company profitable, there must be a change in the way that business is done in this world.
                As the economies of the world continue to implode, as they will as the United States Federal Reserve pulls out of the stock market, you will see that I was right. You only win when you help others succeed.

                 That is why I wrote The Time Exchange: A Non-Monetary Economic System. Those that can work will, those that won't will cease to burden those that contribute to a better planetary society. It is time for a New World Order where economic equality exists and where every person and their voice counts and is heard.

                 It is time for me to bid you all adieu. I have done my best to help you in your time of need. Some of you have taken it to heart and changed your economies and the lives of your citizens for the better, but those who are concentrating their efforts not on a stable equal world, but on a less equal more selfish greedy world, have twisted and perverted my advice and have caused many millions untold suffering. I wonder if the world would have been a better place now had I sat idly by and watched the world's economies collapse and purge itself of these fools and parasites once and forever. I guess I'll never know.
                 It has been interesting helping the world recover and watching your reactions to my balanced advice. If more of you had said "Thank You," I might not be hanging up my shingle. I did not do this for fame or for recognition. I did not do it for money, I often wonder what it might be like to not have to wonder where my next rent payment might come from, but I believe that an excess of money brings with it its own problems.
                 What happens next- that is up to you. I 've done my part, as if anyone noticed. In a hundred years will anyone even know I existed?  Does anyone alive now care that I do? I don't know. My audience has been silent, waiting for the next shoe to fall. I've shown you the path to economic success, world peace, equality for everyone, and a better way to live. The next step is yours. Do your best to help someone succeed and you will be a success.

                  Unless I hear from a lot of you, this is my last post on the Internet in any advisory capacity. I wish you all peace, love, joy, and happiness. May you make the world a better place to live each day. I've done my part, I'm passing the gauntlet on to you and you and you. I have books waiting to be written and others waiting to be read. You will all be just fine without me. You never realized what a gift you were given anyway. All the same,  toodle- oo, bonsoir, abiento, sayonara, and goodbye.

video video

               I knew it was going to be tough saying goodbye, so if you need me, and I mean really need me I might still be around, but I can promise you nothing, until the US Federal magistrate in Dayton, Ohio and Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio stop interfering with my ability to make a living and to get justice for wrongs they have both committed against others and myself. If you are a publisher, contact me at I have eleven books that I would like to get published, but I won't pay to have them published.

Have a good life, ta ta for now. Mark Winkle, author, problem solver, consultant, friend, and philosopher.
August 6, 2014 5:58 pm EST

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Bali WTO Agreements Should Proceed Without India, but Welcome India to Come Aboard at Any Time

             As the Sea of Tranquility once again passes into troubled waters in eastern Europe and Russia's bear growls, an island nation opened its doors to the world for a World Trade Organization trade deal that could make history.
              All but a few of the nations are in accord with the 153 nation body of delegates that are attempting to reduce trade barriers which have been placed in the way of free trade by native companies in the attempt to partition off their part of the world from direct competition.
              It is a balancing act like you will see at no circus on earth to balance the needs of every citizen of every country on the planet. I have never been invited as I have only advised 35 countries and saved the European Union from economic collapse. As I am not an egg -headed economist and believe that man, time, and nature take their own course, and that time and nature have no regard for man's wishes or needs, I am not welcome.
              The WTO crowd is made up of humanists that believe that everything circles around what we do as people. They forget that we as a species make up a minuscule amount of this planet's area and that stacked one upon another that we could not begin to reach the ass of the nearest star, Carl Sagan once compared mankind to a speck of dust on the head of a pin compared to the universe.
               So what does that have to do with free trade? Well, if India doesn't want to go along with what the other 152 nation to the agreement want to do- frig 'em. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink- even if it is dying of thirst. In an exploding population that India has, and will continue to have, India has more pressing needs such as human rights issues, human trafficking, selling of their own children into brothels, the gang raping of young girls, mudslides covering small villages, overpopulation, poor education, mass poverty, class warfare, and other issues more important than free world trade to be bothered with free trade issues of the rest of the world.
               You forget, my educated readers that India's population just joined the middle class. That up until five years ago, India still worshiped cows-- oh, that was just yesterday. I'm sorry, but you cannot expect an uneducated people to understand the necessity of a free enterprise system of world trade based on the needs of every person on the planet when they cannot even keep their population under control.
               When India figures out that it needs the WTO more than the WTO needs it, India can sign the treaty. Until then, India has bigger problems to fix than world trade partnerships. Human trafficking, the selling of their own children into sex industries, bond servants, and the caste system are India's worst human rights issues. These issues need to be addressed before India is offered membership into any world treaty of any kind.
                India has the highest number of sex slaves and bond servants in the modern world. While the number of sex trafficked young women and boys from eastern Europe (former Soviet states) are staggering, the numbers of children sold into bondage, sex trades, and trafficked in India are easily four to five times those numbers. Young girls are groomed by their mothers to be prostitutes. Others are sold by their relatives. The tragedy is that the government in New Delhi is fully aware of the problem but turns its nose up as these citizens of India are not of the same social class as they are, and as such do not deserve the same basic human rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In the eyes of New Delhi's politicians, these citizens do not deserve to have sanitary living conditions, running water, clean food, jobs, housing, health care,- no- they are not of the same social class as we are- so frig 'em.
               I say to India- get your house in order- give the necessities of dignity and respect to each of your citizens, and then come back to the bargaining table and sign the free trade treaty. Clean up your brothels, your slums, make human bondage a life sentence crime, make sex trafficking a life sentence crime, make selling your children into prostitution a life sentence crime, make prostitution illegal, treat every citizen with respect and dignity, then come join the modern human race, and the same goes for every Muslim nation around the world, and every nation that tolerates human bondage, bond servant hood, and sex trafficking- clean up your morals and treat your citizens with equality and mutual respect- then you will be welcome in the family of mankind- until then, you are just animals and should be treated the same way that you treat the least of your citizens. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why Wikipedia ia a USELESS Reference Tool- Don't Waste Your Time There

           I was researching statistics on the latest European Union fiscal crisis on a number of websites and I trip over a Wikipedia post on the Eurozone Crisis, that essentially blames Greece for the entire fiasco. It even quotes Paul Krugman, who had said that austerity measures would never work and that we should continue to print money in an effort to rescue the world's economy. Well, Keynesian economics has never been very good for anything but getting people further into debt. I notice that Mr. Krugman no longer bashes austerity in the NYT, he was wrong.
            Greece was not the cause of the 2008 depression, credit debt swaps caused the economic collapse as the banks had over leveraged the underlying assets (mortgages) and when one party did not pay their debt it snowballed into the 2008 depression. Banks improperly tightened financing instead of loaning money to create cash flow, they choked off cash flow causing business after business to fail. The Keynesian collapse of leveraged debt to create wealth caused the depression of 2008-2014 and beyond.
            But, you can never tell a Keynesian economist anything because they have to mortgage the farm to buy a paper to read what you said. Shovel in hand digging through the earth to get out of debt is the Keynesian way.
            In fact, the United States Federal Reserve chose the opposite path and issued more currency further devaluing the United States Dollar. The Federal Reserve at one point owned nearly 60% of all stocks on the New York Stock Exchange as a  way to keep the stock market from collapsing. As a result, while the European Union was climbing out of debt and gradually recovering, the United States was looking for another war to stimulate their economy. In late 2012, the European Union began recovering from austerity measures that I had advised them to undergo, yet, the United States still had no budget to speak of. Under the Obama administration, the economy continued to falter as Keynesian economic principles were passed from one Federal Reserve chief to another, from one Secy. of the Treasury to another. Instead of devising a way to pay down the debt, Keynesians try to put off paying the debt.

            The Eurozone Crisis thesis had so many inaccurate dates and facts that it was ludicrous for me to try to correct them all. When I did edit some pages and cite the proper authority, Wackypedia unedited them and put back the inaccurate parts.
             When I made corrections to the wrong facts that the author had stated, Wackypedia challenged who I was to make these corrections.  Well, for one, I was the author of the EFSB, the EFSM, the ESM, austerity, the Federal Reserve, the European Treasury, EuroBonds, and many other ideas, that's who!
             When I tried to give credit to The Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability, Wackypedia again unedited the truth. Almost every citation (450 plus) of this long winded error filled paper on the Eurozone Crisis was from a newspaper, or from a Keynesian economist who was quoted from a newspaper article.
              The ECB did not violate any laws by guaranteeing loans to member nations who then provided money backed by those guarantees. In fact, the EFSM, the EFSB, and the ESM are all guarantee programs. No direct funding has ever occurred by the ECB. The appearance of the ability of the ECB to buy treasury bills was what quieted the bond markets. Mere psychology and the use of the perception of the authority" to take action has prevented the meltdown of the European Union.
              I knew when I advised the ECB at the time that direct funding was illegal under the Treaty of Lisbon. The EFSF and the ESM are legal as they only provide loan guarantees, not direct purchases. No money has ever been used by the ECB to directly purchase treasury bonds, ever. They (ECB) have the authority to, but they have not had to.
              I am one of a few people that has actually read the treaty and its windy convoluted logic. In fact, rather than amend it, I trashed it and drafted the "Proposed Constitution of the United European Union" in February 2012, which can be used if the member states ever stop fighting one another like spoiled children and work together for the survival of every member nation and their citizens.

              Wikipedia is good for a laugh. It provides a place for opinions, not facts, to be presented. If you want facts, and not just opinions, conduct your research at JSTOR or other academic sources. Wikipedia is a place where a majority of the information is one sided and is not fact. The information there is not well researched. Wikipedia does not verify the information in any way. It does not check for the accuracy of the facts presented, the dates, or the principal parties. Wikipedia is more of a comic book than a research tool. If you want a good laugh, read any entry on Wikipedia and you will find inaccuracies and faulty logic.

God forbid you try to correct the inaccuracies and lies you find on Wikipedia, their computer system will block you from editing for telling the truth.

               As an adviser to 35 countries and five major international organizations, I conduct thorough research before I say anything. I know that words are golden. I know that people and governments trust me to get it right the first time. Greece and the rest of the European Union are recovering nicely. Once more small and mid-sized business receive loan guarantees and funding, jobs will return. The key is to restart the economy slowly and at a reasonable rate.If banks start loaning money to small and mid-sized businesses, the jobs will be created, unemployment will decrease, budgets will be met, and interest rates will continue to remain within reason. Greedy bankers and stock brokers caused the economic depression of 2008, and only they can fix it by making loans and creating cash flow for the economic engine of the world.
               If austerity has taught governments anything it is that borrowing from tomorrow to pay for their needs today is not common sense. If we live within our means, we won't get rich, but we won't go broke either.
               If the author of the Eurozone Crisis article had any pride they would take the entire article down as it is a mockery of the truth. It defames the European Commission, Greece and many other countries, and the European Central Bank. I thought defamation was illegal in the European Union.
               So, now you have several reasons why YOU SHOULD NEVER USE WIKIPEDIA AS A RESEARCH SOURCE IN ANY PAPER OF ANY KIND. 

Mark Winkle-Founder
The Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Carving Up Palestine : A Solution to the Israel Palestinian Conflict

             In 1948 the United Nations with the backing of England and the United States created the nation of Israel without the consent of the landowners of the time. However, the best solution to the problem is to provide equality to both countries and to create two nations that permit and recognize the other's right to exist.
              In 1967 Israel violated international law and began a war with its neighbors. This war was unprovoked and thus was illegal. Israel seems to think that it has a right to land that was won and lost over thousands of years of history. The only documentation that provides any evidence of ownership was written approximately 150 BC with the Pentateuch by the then Jewish scholars from the recollection of texts and traditional stories passed down through the generations.
              The only realistic solution is for the United Nations to mandate by an addendum to the 1948 Article that granted Israel statehood, that Israel cannot be expanded by means of war. Israel does not respect its neighbors right to exist either. At issue is the illegal occupation since 1967 of lands that were seized by war. These lands must be returned. The legal way to force this to happen is for the United Nations to allow sanctions to be placed against Israel until it repatriates the illegally seized lands to its rightful owners and to pay damages caused by the illegal seizure of these lands.

               If the land was carved in half in such a way that provided half of Jerusalem to each country, say a geographic border from Tel Aviv, Israel to Ramlah to a midpoint in Jerusalem (north of this point would be Palestine) and then south of this point would be Israel. The Golan Heights would be returned to Syria, as it is illegally occupied, and has been since 1967. The line continuing through the midpoint in Jerusalem on a straight path to the Dead Sea. The southern part of the land mass would be recognized as Israel and the northern part of this land mass would be formally recognized as Palestine.

                This would correct many of the mistakes and failures of the 1948 and forward human rights violations by both sides. Both sides win. Move your people to your own side or permit them to co-exist if you like. Allow people to live together in harmony and stop killing each other over land and religious beliefs.

                Both sides have forgotten the advice of Jesus, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Maybe it's time to stop the hatred and start living in harmony with one another.

Creating a Stable Economic Situation in Ukraine and Ending the Civil War

               What needs to happen in Ukraine for there to be a stable economic situation is for the civil war to end. To provide for the opportunity of a cessation of the deaths of non-combatants and the destruction of private property, I believe that a 30 cease fire is essential. Call it a cooling off period. No weapons buildup, no firing of missiles, no border intrusions from Russia or the addition of troops by Russia or any other outside country or organization. Take a deep breath now as I am about to drop the other shoe.

                While Kiev and others may feel the need to punish the separatists for the recent downing of the Malaysian commercial jet, that is a matter for the International Court and the Hague to decide if war crimes have been committed or not. If you want an end to this civil war, the separatists need to be given an out. They will be punished mind you, but imprisonment is not the key to resolving this quagmire. Open a corridor to the nearest Russian border and let them leave. They will forfeit their possessions, their citizenship, and will be exiled in Russia, never to return to Crimea or Ukraine. If they are caught outside of Russia, they are subject to arrest and prosecution for treason and sedition. Their assets will be turned over to the federal government in Kiev.
                  But, you say they killed people. Well, this is a war, and one of the principals of war is that people opposing you must die. When you return fire, you have accepted the rules of engagement.

                 The main instigator to this fight has yet to be punished, but his time is coming. Vladimir Putin is a war criminal, just as George Bush Jr. is. They both started unprovoked wars. They both caused the death of civilian non-combatants. If we are to hold our enemies accountable, we must hold ourselves and our leaders to the same legal standards. The Rule of Law must be equally enforced. I would charge both of them with war crimes, seize their assets and give them life cleaning toilets and emptying trash, but that is my opinion.

                 In comparison, the United States' aggression in Iraq and Russia's aggression in Crimea and now Ukraine began  as temper tantrums by emotionally unstable leaders. The United States wanted Iraq's oil and Russia wanted to protect its naval bases in Crimea. Both leaders fabricated their case for military action. Both leaders lied to their citizens and legislature to get tacit approval for the escalation of military invasions into sovereign countries.

                  Additionally, it is my belief that if it were not for the Poppy crops in Afghanistan, and the resulting production of heroin, the "war" in Afghanistan would have been over years ago. A scorched earth policy needs to be put into effect there eradicating the Poppy crops altogether. God forbid that the CIA and our military would not be able to sell illegal drugs, murder people, or commit other illegal acts. 

                  Getting back to Ukraine, this civil war will end when the leaders of both factions want it to. The separatists will never be given autonomy or their own country or territory. This is folly on their part. Not even Putin is gullible enough to get drawn into an extended cold war that would essentially crush any hope of economic recovery for his country in the next ten years. The fact that Russia made the missile system available to the separatists makes Russia complicit to the war crimes committed when the Malaysian aircraft was shot down.

                   Vladimir Putin would be wise to offer his condolences and agree to make reparations for his country's contribution to the tragedy and loss of lives as a result of the shooting down of the commercial flight. Russia had no business backing the separatists. Russia should have offered them citizenship and visas, instead they have provoked a civil war. Russia unfortunately finds itself being isolated into near oblivion if Vladimir Putin continues as their leader. Instability begets instability. The fact that Putin's reaction to Ukraine refusing to join the Eurasian Union was to invade Crimea demonstrates just how emotionally unstable Putin is. I believe that Putin's desire to resurrect the former Soviet Union is folly. Government mandated communism has never worked in any society including Russia, China, and North Korea.

                  Putin's support of Syria and Egypt also speak to his emotional instability. Without Putin's support, the war in Syria would have been over months ago. Instead of creating stability and a climate of trust, Putin has caused Russia and everyone associated with it to be held in suspicion.

                  I would like to see a break up of Russia altogether in the next five years into separate ethnic territories. I would also like to see China broken up into provinces run by non-communist governments. I would also like the United States and every other country in this world to go to a plural voting system where the popular vote determined who sat in office, undeterred by corruption and campaign fraud. One vote per person. Everyone is required to vote that is over the age of eighteen. Voter fraud is punished by death.

                 Maybe we could get rid of some corrupt federal and state judges along the way.

Now you know what I think. I know you will do what you think is in your best interest.That's why we have wars. Some people just choose not to play well with others. They throw a temper tantrum and start another senseless war.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How the War in Ukraine Must End

You asked "Who is behind this Ukrainian Defiance of Russia?" I am. The UN, IMF, EU, NATO, and every free country in the world. As an adviser to these organizations and 35 countries, The Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability encouraged our friends to issue sanctions, to embargo, to infiltrate Russia, to take back Crimea (which was illegally seized), and to provide a pathway to peace and face saving for all sides.

Here is what I am recommending to the negotiating partners:

1. Russia removes all troops and ships from Crimea.
2. Russia removes all agents and troops from Ukraine, including Crimea, which legally is still part of Ukraine.
3. Ukrainian citizens will be allowed to leave Ukraine and enter Russia unimpeded, (but never to return).
4. Russia will discount the debt owed by Ukraine for natural gas by $1 million (US dollars) per Ukrainian soldier killed as a result of their providing aid and comfort to the enemies of Ukraine.
5. Those leaving Ukraine and entering Russia forfeit all assets and properties to the Kiev government.
6. A one year cooling off period where no Russian passports or Russian citizens would be permitted into Ukraine (except diplomats).
7. No trade embargoes or commercial trade interference by Ukraine or Russia.
8. All Ukrainian costs of taking back eastern Ukraine to be borne by Russia and taken off of Ukraine's Gazprom debt.

These are non-negotiable terms.

This planet was three conflicts shot of world peace for the first time in centuries when Putin threw his childish temper tantrum.

What has happened is that he has begun a second Cold War with the United States. Nothing will be resolved until Crimea is returned to Ukraine and all Russia obligations to Ukraine as a result of its illegal invasion and assisting separatists to destabilize the sovereign nation of Ukraine are deducted from Ukraine's Gazprom debt.

I work for no country, but for the interest of all mankind. I will be advising
my followers to ask for these terms in any peace accord held later this summer.

Russia also needs to remove its assistance from Syria and Egypt as well and stop meddling in the internal affairs of sovereign nations.

It would be nice if Russia would stop seeking its own interests and join the world as a partner instead.

I had recommended that we issue Dead Bank Letters to the top 50 Russian banks which would have effectively kept them from banking with any country in the world until Crimea is returned to Ukraine and all Russian citizens, soldiers, and agents are removed from Crimea. All Russian military weaponry must be removed no later than October 1, 2014 or will be considered forfeited to Ukraine (including all naval vessels).

These are my recommendation to Ukraine, the US, NATO, IMF, EU and others.

The failure to turn over Crimea is a deal breaker.Keeping Crimea will send the United States and Russia into a deeper Cold War than before. The open invasion and occupying of a sovereign nation is an act of war. As long as Crimea is in Russian control, the war between Ukraine, NATO, and its partners including the United States will continue. 

Make sure everyone knows about these conditions this week.

Mark Winkle, Founder
The Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability.

P.S. Thanks to Seagate, my files have been recovered.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Why Politicians Lie, or New World Order? Ha!Ha!Ha! HA! Hee!hee, ho! ho! ha, ha, ha Are You Joking?

             If anyone ever come up to you and tries to defend their ideas by saying "it's a new world," punch them in the throat and walk away laughing. There is no "New World Order" and there never will be. What there will be is the same old selfish greedy assholes trying to grab power or land that rightfully belongs to someone else or to another country. SOS different century.

Let me explain by showing you this age old map of former "world orders":

 Every now and then (around every 100 years) a new bunch of morons thinks that it would be nice to take over the world. Like farting all the next day after eating a can of beans the day before, every world domination attempts soon runs out of gas. 

In the late 1800's to early 1940's Germany tried to take over Europe. Japan tried to take over Asia, the United States currently is trying to take over the Middle East, and so on. Every attempt at world or regional domination eventually fails! Why? Because the crazy idiots that had the idea die off or get killed.

Very few people will die for the memory of another person. The world is no more complex than when God first placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. We can be like Cain and Abel or we can choose to live in harmony with one another.

So why do politicians lie and tell us that everything will be all right, just trust me/us, but don't trust the other guys? It is simple. Wars are fought by stupid people that are easily convinced that someone or something is going to take something away from them. Every war since WWII has been about oil.

If someone can get you to trust them, you don't think they will screw you once your back is turned. Unfortunately, most politicians are attorneys, and they are very practiced at deceiving themselves of their own worth, and are very undesirable as leaders. They lie, cheat, and steal from their clients. They lie to the juries and judges. They even lie to their images in the mirror. Politicians are the least trustworthy people on the planet. Hope and Change! Change is all I have left in my wallet after Obama got through with the economy after his first four years. Voters thought, Well, he can't mess it up any more than he already has. Boy, were they wrong. Lies piled upon lie piled upon lies.  The economy is NOT getting better. The national debt is not being paid off. What has happened is that people are now too bust trying to survive that they don't care what politicians are saying anymore.

The Effect of Lies on Relationships

Have you ever been lied to? Of course you have! We all have lied to others and have been lied to. Sometimes we do not even remembering why we lied to someone. Instead of telling them the whole truth, we lie to them. We leave things out ( a lie of omission). There are no white lies. All lies are bad lies. Even lies told to spare someone's feelings are bad for the relationship. If you lie about little things, can you be trusted with the big issues?

Ephesians 4:25 says, "Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbor: for we are members one of another."   When I lie to you, I hurt myself as well. I damage the bond of trust that existed between us before I lied to you. 

However, some people get so used to lying that no one trusts anything that they say.

I read somewhere, and honestly it escapes me where I read this but it appears to be true:

For every lie that you tell, (1) you must tell twelve more lies (13) to cover up that one lie. Then you must tell twelve lies to cover up each of those twelve lies (157). Then you must tell twelve lies to cover each of those lies (1885 lies so far). Then you must tell twelve lies to cover each of those lies (20736 +1885= 22,621 lies
told, when telling the truth would have only taken one time.

All of these lies would be told in less than six months about one event.

Every war has caused more civilian casualties than the number of fighting dead. Why is this? One and only one reason. That reason is that soldiers are stupid lame brains who will shoot at anything because they are scared out of their minds of dying. They will shoot at the wind if it blows the wrong way. Russia even shot their own soldiers for trying to survive by running away. Their motto was: "If you run out of bullets, throw yourself in front of one, as there would be one less bullet that the enemy had."

The government of the United States is fighting a losing world dominance battle right now. We have spent so much money trying to put troops in every country that we are spending more than half of our budget on the military, spying, killing other world leaders, more spying, secret wars, and other useless ideas that do not have the well being of the country or the world at heart. No one wins the world domination game---ever!

It is time to stop lying to one another and start working together for a better world.